Top 10 Emerging Areas in Bangalore for Real Estate Investment 2024

Top 10 Emerging Areas for Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024

Bengaluru’s real estate investment has enjoyed great prosperity due to the IT industry that is rapidly growing in this city over the past few decades. This increased demand for properties for sale in Bangalore. The city has grown into a popular destination for investing money. 

As proof of this assertion, there was a sharp rise in consumer demand for properties in Bangalore during Q1-2024 as evidenced by increased search queries on residential houses coupled with more postings being made online compared to previous year’s levels. Furthermore, the average property rates also saw a substantial increase, amplifying the appeal of both ready-to-move and under-construction projects in the city. 

According to a recent 2022-end- 2024 Q1 study, the higher-end areas in Bengaluru witnessed an incredible rise of over 40% in rent prices.  If you may be a potential homebuyer, or investor, or have interests in the real estate market,  this article will present detailed information on top localities for real estate investment in Bangalore in 2024. 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #1

Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 

Because the Sarjapur Road is a piece of Sarjapaur-Marathahalli Road, there are popular residential neighborhoods such as Koramangala, Doddakannelli, Kaikondrahalli, HSR Layout and Carmelaram on the strip. However, what truly contributes to the greatness of the Sarjapur Road are various future projects that are meant to solve the traffic jam issues by making it easier. Plans for this place include the construction of a Peripheral Ring Road that is 74 km long, Sajapur Road expansion, and Sajapur-Attibele Road widening, as well as the road from Varthur Road to Sajapur.  

Because of these compelling factors, property values on Sarjapur Road have increased by more than 30% over the past three years and are currently hovering around Rs 7,850 per square foot.   

Apartments for sale on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore are Esha’s Courtyard, Puravankara Plots, and Shriram Chirping Grove. 

Property Price in Sarjapur Road: 

Average Price Per Sq. Ft: Rs 7,850 

Monthly Rentals: Rs 30,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #2 

Indiranagar, Bangalore 

One of the best areas in Bangalore for investment purposes is Indiranagar situated along the Old Madras Road. The regions around have rich peasants residing in them, open, clean, and quiet in addition to being cosmopolitan which has made it become an upcoming suburb towards East Bangalore part. 

The main attraction of the place has been its commercial landscape. What is more, this area’s leasing prices are lower, meaning that every month businesses can operate here from eleven thousand to seven lakh rupees. Moreover, it is held that the turning point which has involved the relocation of Flipkart to Indira Nagar from its former location at Koramangala. Whitefield is one of the most preferred IT hubs is just minutes away from it. 

The premium inventory in the area’s property market is priced at approximately Rs 13,200 per square foot. Although more than 80% of the available residential stock is ready to move into, purchasers now have additional options.   

In Indira Nagar, three-bedroom apartments make up the majority of the flats for sale or rent. The area’s rental yield is approximately 5% YoY. The region is well-connected, with numerous connecting roads and two metro stations serving it: Indira Nagar Metro Station (1.5 km away) and Swami Vivekananda Metro Station. Old Madras Road, 100 feet, 80 feet, Indira Nagar Double Road, and Old Airport Road are the main thoroughfares that serve Indira Nagar. Furthermore, the micro market will benefit from the planned Bangalore-Chennai Expressway. 

As a result, Indira Nagar’s ascent to prominence as an investment destination and its array of social amenities, including schools, hospitals, recreational centers, and excellent connectivity, have been facilitated by the presence of well-known developers.  

Flats for Sale in Indiranagar, Bangalore is, Godrej Athena, Brigade Cornerstone Utopia 

Property prices in Indira Nagar: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 13,200 

Monthly Rentals: Rs 23,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #3 

Hennur, Bangalore 

Hennur has a large number of 2 BHK apartments that are ready to move into and are priced at Rs 7,100 per square foot. Due to the numerous multinational corporations (MNCs) forays, Hennur has gained popularity among homebuyers. The demand in Hennur is also greatly influenced by its proximity to employment hotspots like Manayata Tech Park and Kirloskar Business Park, which are 6–8 km away and are home to numerous corporate giants. For a 2 BHK typology, this developing area provided an average monthly rental yield of Rs 27,000 and an annual rental yield of 4%. In the last year, Hennur home values have risen by about five percent. 

Property prices in Hennur: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 7,100 

Monthly rentals: Rs 10,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #4 

Attibele, Bangalore 

Tucked away in South Bangalore, near Electronic City, Attibele has quietly become one of the most sought-after real estate locations. In addition to providing a growing base of biotech and IT enterprises, it provides easy access to well-known job hubs like Anekal and Silk Board Junction. Attibele, once a sleepy village, is now a burgeoning neighborhood that has mostly gained traction due to demand spillover from Electronic City. Attibele is now a refuge of reasonably priced homes thanks to the availability of big land tracts and a nearby IT hub. Despite a 27% increase in the last three years, the average home value in this area is still Rs 4,600 per square foot. 

Properties for sale in Attibele, Bangalore are Annciya Isha Serene, Sowparnika Life On The Green, Esha’s Courtyard 

Property prices in Attibele: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 4,600 

Monthly rentals: Rs 10,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #5 

Kadugodi, Bangalore 

Homeowners favor Kadugodi because its reasonable property prices start at Rs 6,000 per square foot. Housing demand in Kadugodi is mostly driven by the business establishments located within 14 km, specifically at Whitefield, Bellandur, and the Outer Ring Road (ORR). The bulk of the inventory here consists of residential units with 2 BHK designs; monthly rentals begin at Rs 11,000 per unit. For Kadugodi, the proposed suburban rail project that would create a Kengeri-KSR Bangalore-Whitefield Rail Corridor is anticipated to be revolutionary. It will enhance this emerging area’s real estate potential in addition to raising its connectivity quotient. 

Apartments for sale in Kadugodi, Bangalore are Amrutha Platinum Towers, Signifa Sapphire, Sapthagiri Sandalwoods 

Property prices in Kadugodi: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 6,000 

Monthly rentals: Rs 11,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #6 

Yelahanka, Bangalore 

Yelahanka is still well-known among real estate investors because of its close proximity to IT parks and Kempegowda Airport on the Outer Ring Road. Numerous developers have chosen to construct housing complexes in Yelahanka due to the area’s excellent social and physical facilities as well as the availability of huge land parcels. Experts state that the presence of well-known engineering and management colleges has led to the emergence of several Paying Guest (PG) facilities in the vicinity, with rates as low as Rs 7,500 per bed. The price per square foot is approximately Rs 7,200 here. 

In the previous three years, Yelahanka has seen an increase in property values of over 33 percent; these values are expected to rise much more following the projected developments. Yelahanka’s investment potential would be increased by the 30 km long Gottigere-Nagawara Line 4 extension to Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), which is part of Namma Metro Phase 2B. 

Flats for sale in Yelahanka, Bangalore are Mahaveer Celesse, Brigade Insignia, Amruthadhama Enclave Phase-3 

Property prices in Yelahanka: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 7,200 

Monthly rentals: Rs 8,500 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #7 

Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 

Yeshwanthpur, is one of North Bangalore’s fastest-growing neighborhoods, with a dedicated metro station on the Green Line and excellent access to Tumkur Road and Asian Highway 47. About five km distant, in the Peenya Industrial Area, which is home to various small-scale enterprises, Yeshwanthpur enjoys tremendous residential demand. Given that over 80% of searches in the area fall into this chosen category, most buyers in this area are interested in 2 BHK apartments priced between Rs 35 lakh and Rs 1.2 crore.  

Apartments for sale in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore are Skav Aastha, Govianu Ace Grand, Assetz 22 & Crest 

Property prices in Yeshwanthpur: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 8,800 

Monthly rentals: Rs 12,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #8 

KR Puram, Bangalore 

Krishna Raja Puram, often known as KR Puram, is a Bangalore suburb that consists of a mix of single-family homes and multi-story flats. At Rs 27,000 per month for a 2 BHK type, rentals in KR Puram are more reasonably priced than in nearby Whitefield and Marathahalli, where typical monthly costs are Rs 30,000. A strong growth trajectory will also be sparked by the opening of a dedicated metro station at KR Puram with the completion of the Blue Line (Silk Board-KR Puram) and the Purple Line’s extension to Whitefield by 2023. In the last three years, the price of this developing region has increased by almost 9%, to approximately Rs 6,000 per square foot. 

Flats for sale in KR Puram, Bangalore are,  Sree Adithya Lotus Park, Krishna Lakefront, Manjushree Vasavi Enclave 

Property prices in KR Puram: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 6,000 

Monthly rentals: Rs 10,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #9 

Nallurhalli, Bangalore 

With strong access to Old Madras Road (OMR) and Old Airport Road, Nallurhalli has prospered due to its growth in commerce and immaculate greenery. It is about two kilometers away from Whitefield, one of Bangalore’s well-known IT districts. In addition, Nallurhalli is home to two significant tech parks, International Tech Park and Sigma Tech Park, which are home to numerous telecom, automotive, and technology firms. With time, the developing neighborhood has developed into a one-stop shop for young professionals looking for reasonably priced housing near their place of employment. After rising by more than 36% over the last three years, the average price of a home in Nallurhalli is Rs 7,500 per square foot. 

Flats for sale in Nallurhalli, Bangalore are Amrutha Platinum Towers, Signifa Sapphire, AR Tulip 

Property prices in Nallurhalli 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 7500 

Monthly rentals: Rs 15,000 onwards 

Top 10 Emerging Areas For Real Estate Investment in Bangalore 2024 #10 

Nagavara, Bangalore

With more than 50% of its inventory designed as two-bedroom units, Nagavara is now a bustling residential area thanks to its well-established social infrastructure. After growing by 50% over the previous five years, Nagavara offers a variety of property kinds, including flats, standalone homes, villas, and plots, all priced at Rs 11,250 per square foot. Additionally, tenants are aware of the area because of its prime position along Bellary Road, which houses the Karle Special Economic Zone (1 km), Central Business District (10 km), and Peenya Industrial Area (13 km). The neighborhood’s average monthly rentals range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 34,000. 

Apartments for sale in Nagavara, Bangalore are Casagrand Regal, Zenith Residences, Casagrand Keatsway 

Property prices in Nagavara: 

Average property price (per sq ft): Rs 11,250 

Monthly rentals: Rs 10,000 onwards 

Trending Localities for Rental Income in Bangalore:

1. Electronic City: The Tech Hub 

IT employees are drawn to Electronic City’s tech parks and corporate offices regularly, creating a strong demand for rental apartments. The growing IT industry and the upcoming Metro link both have improved rentals. The enticing average monthly rental yield of 3.64% 

2. Whitefield: Urban Amenities and Rental Opportunities 

Whitefield’s advantageous position, which draws professionals from large corporations and academic institutions, fuels the city’s thriving rental market. Together with enhanced infrastructure, Whitefield’s continuous transition to a smart city makes it a desirable location for high-quality rental properties. Its potential for attractive rental returns is highlighted by the steady increase in rental rates. An average rental yield is of 3.58% 

3. Hebbal: The North’s Real Estate Gem 

Hebbal’s advantageous location close to the airport and major thoroughfares is drawing in investors and renters. Improved infrastructure, such the flyover between Hebbal and KR Puram, has increased connectivity. Hebbal is a noteworthy choice for significant rental returns, as evidenced by market data that shows a rising trend in rental demand and rates there. Average rental yield of 2.22%. 

4. Koramangala: The Trendy Locale with Strong Rental Prospects 

Koramangala continues to be a popular residential and business district. Real-time data indicates that there is a persistent need for rental properties, which offers investors looking for rental returns a chance. Rental yield ranges from 4 to 7% 

5. Marathahalli: The East’s Rental Powerhouse 

The demand for rental properties is always present in Marathahalli because of its status as a thriving business and IT center and since it’s close to important IT parks and corporate areas. According to recent studies, there has been an upward trend in rental rates, suggesting that Marathahalli is a promising location with substantial potential for strong rental returns. This dynamic powerhouse of the rental market balances a booming demographic landscape with promising rental income opportunities. Marathahalli boasts enticing rental potential, offering around 3.68% 

Top New Projects to Invest in Bangalore: 

Here are a few Properties for sale in Bangalore at Roofandfloor, which can be your top pick to invest in: 

Builder Project 
Casagrand Builder Private LimitedCasaGrand Vivacity
Sree Adithya Developers Sree Adithya Lotus Park 
SNN RAJ CORPRaj High Gardens
Columbia AaltiusColumbia Group
Sumadhura Folium Phase ISumadhura Infracon Pvt. Ltd

The property market has seen significant growth in the last financial year and Bengaluru offers a very good environment for developers. The property market in Bengaluru has been doing well since the last fiscal cycle hence higher projections are anticipated in this financial period. This is because of various infrastructural developments taking place around it; the rate of interest has also been consistent all this while making things easy for financiers, while at the same time consumption figures are going higher in general which means that people are financially sound to decide to invest in properties for sale. 

Today, homebuyers want greater homes located in gated communities that are also equipped with amenities like movie theaters, shopping malls, hospitals, and office spaces that are situated nearby. While there is a high demand for apartments, there is an equally significant demand for villas and plots on sale. The majority of homebuyers are interested in affordable prices, environment friendliness, and facilities available in ease for their day-to-day living.  

Affordability, sustainability, conveniences, and strong connectivity are factors that some buyers consider. Their list of priorities includes sustainability, of which today’s homebuyers—especially those in Generation Z and Millennials—have a greater knowledge. They look for high-quality designs and construction that meet strict building codes and make use of long-lasting materials for longevity and safety.  

Bengaluru’s real estate market is seeing a notable upturn. A few examples of the infrastructure development influencing this increase are the new Metro lines, the white topping of arterial highways, and the building of railroads over bridges and underpasses. The only metropolis in the nation to see year-over-year growth in both new supply (five percent) and absorption (nine percent) between January and March of 2024 was Bengaluru. 

In Conclusion, the planned infrastructure development for the city positions the real estate industry to capitalize on the economic wave of the previous fiscal year; this growth is anticipated to continue into the current fiscal year. The future of Bengaluru’s real estate industry is promising thanks to the joint efforts of investors, developers, legislators, and homebuyers.   

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