How to Pay Property Tax Online in Chennai 2024

How to Pay Property Tax Online in Chennai 2024?

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What is a Property Tax?

Property tax is a yearly levy imposed on property owners by the government. The property refers to both the land and any modifications added to it. These properties are valued by the government, which then applies a tax based on that value. This assessment is carried out by the municipality of a certain region, which also decides how much tax a property owner must pay. Either a yearly or semi-annual payment of property tax is possible. Each state, city, and area has a different tax.

The maintenance and enhancement of a city’s public and civic services, as well as its infrastructure, depend heavily on property tax revenue. Property taxes are paid twice a year locally and are also known as “Sothu Vari.” This tax is applicable for all kinds of residential properties like plots, villas, and apartments in Chennai.

How to Calculate Property Tax in Chennai?

To determine how much property tax you will have to pay on your house or other property, a property tax calculator is a helpful tool. Based on the assessed value of the property, local governments impose property taxes. However, a number of factors, including the property’s valuation, the local tax rate, and any relevant exemptions or deductions, affect the actual tax amount.

To calculate the property tax amount, visit the official portal and click on the property tax calculator tab. Enter information about the building type, location, occupancy type, and floor plan in the Tamil Nadu property tax calculator. On submitting this, the estimate of property tax will be displayed.  As stated on the website, it’s crucial to keep in mind that depending just on this calculator could not provide you with the whole picture.

In addition to this, you can also use the property tax formula to calculate the tax amount in Chennai.

Half-yearly property tax = Plinth Area * Basic Rate * 12.40%

The half-yearly property tax is determined using the Reasonable Letting Value (RLV), often known as the annual rental value, as per the Chennai City Municipal Corporation Act, 1919. The basic rate per square foot serves as the basis for the property’s monthly rental value.

A building’s yearly worth may be calculated by multiplying its monthly rent by 10.92%. The half-yearly property tax is approximately 12.40 percent of the annual rental value. The total of general tax, education tax, and library cess is used to determine the yearly rental value.

Tax Exemptions for Property Tax in Chennai

Some of the buildings, under certain circumstances, can avail of the property tax in Chennai. They are,

  • 10% library cess, as required by the property tax’s general tax provision.
  • Tiled dwellings receive a 20% discount above the monthly rental value, excluding those with terrace roofs.
  • Individually owned homes are eligible for a massive 25% reduction in monthly rental income.
  • For those commercial buildings that the owner owns, there is a 10% refund above the monthly rental value.
  • Every building older than four years receives a 1% annual depreciation. There is a 25% upper limit, though.

How to Pay Property Tax Online?

One can pay the property tax in Chennai via online mode. The Chennai Municipal Corporation has made it easy to pay taxes online without any hassle. Paying property tax online in Chennai involves a few simple steps,

Step 1– Visit the official website of the Greater Chennai Corporation.

Step 2– Scroll down and select online payments

Step 3– In the next page, select property tax payment

Step 4– Select property tax online payment to pay taxes. To check your zone and division click on the other option available.

Step 5– Fill in all the necessary details, like the division code, zone number, bill number, and sub number. Then click on pay tax.

Step 6– The tax amount to be paid will be displayed in the browser now. On completing the payment, you will receive the payment receipt.

Check your Property Tax Payment Status

You can check your property tax payment status on the official website. Visit the official website and enter the necessary details, like zone no, division code, bill no, and sub no. By clicking submit, you can view your property details. To check your payment status, click on View Tax and Receipt Details.

Steps to Download Property Tax Receipts in Chennai Online

With a few simple steps, you can download property tax receipts online in Chennai. They are,

  • Visit the official property tax website online
  • Click on the online property tax receipt
  • Enter zone number, division code, bill no, and sub no and click submit
  • Then click on view tax and receipts
  • You can view details of the transactions done over the years
  • Click on the transaction for which you need a receipt to view and download it

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the due date for property tax payments in Chennai?

The due dates to pay property tax in Chennai are 31st March and 31st September of every financial year.

2. Should I pay any penalties if I fail to pay property tax on time?

Yes, you will be required to pay penalties if you fail to pay property tax on time. For late fees, a 2% penalty is charged.

3. Are there any additional charges involved in paying property tax?

Yes, there are a few minimal additional charges incurred while paying property tax online in Chennai. The additional fees that are applicable are:

  • 2% of the convenience fee for bill payments and recharges
  • 2% per transaction for rents paid using a credit card
  • 5% per transaction for the platform fee

4. Can I pay property tax in Chennai offline?

Yes, you can pay property tax offline by visiting a nearby Taluk office. Any demand draft or cheque addressed to The Revenue Officer can be used to pay property taxes in Chennai.

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