Vastu Shastra

Aligning With Abundance: The Power of Direction in Vastu Shastra

The word “Vastu Shastra” is derived from the Sanskrit language. The meaning of “Vastu” is a dwelling, residence, place of residence, and habitation. Shastra denotes manifestation as doctrine, rules, regulations, and teaching. Vastu Shastra means “architectural science”. It also forms part of the Indian system that relates to the designs, layout, dimensions, directions, facing, space arrangement, and floor preparation 

India has an advanced view of Vastu Shastra bordering around the inclusion of Numerology, astrology, colors, signs, house rooms, etc. “Vastu Vidya” simply means knowledge about dwellings incorporated from ancient times, which essentially involved extensive knowledge of architecture and design concepts meant for places where people live.  Vastu Shastra is an inherent part of homebuying and construction. Vastu is an art, a science of astrology to lead a healthy life. 

Vastu Shastra Basics: Directions & their Benefits, a Comprehensive Guide For Residential Real Estate:

Vastu always takes directions seriously. Construction or building requires an understanding of the architectural direction. In the olden days, some methods involved using the sun and its shadow to calculate the direction. However, nowadays everyone utilizes devices such as the magnetic compass and mobile maps to determine their location. 

Vastu Shastra recognizes the influence of 16 directional zones 

The four cardinal directions that make up a direction are its four principles; the other four are called intercardinal or ordinal. The 16 directions are East, Southeast, Northeast, between East and Southeast, between East and Northeast, West, Southwest, Northwest, between Southwest and West, between west and Northwest, North, between North and Northeast, between North and Northwest, South, between South and Southeast, between South and Southwest. 

Shapes of Plots: 

Shapes are integral to Vastu Shastra, in this connection is a good sign to pick a plot or house with just the right shape. For instance, plots that are square or rectangular are the most auspicious as indicated by Vastu Shastra; however, the other shapes are also all equally good. Other Vastu remedies can be used to attract positivity. Here are some ideas to take corrective measures for Vastu’s compliance

As Per Vastu is the square-shaped plot good? 

If you follow vastu shastra principles, it is believed that a house built on such land will prosper indefinitely because of the all-around success and growth it receives from the land’s energy. In other words, many generations have considered these square-shaped plots very lucky, they do not have any sharp ends at their corners suggesting equal finishing on all sides. 

Will a Plot in Rectangular Shape be Good for Vastu?

The vastu rectangular shape is beneficial for both residential and commercial purposes because it also gives auspiciousness and joy. It guides us toward enduring love, wealth, contentment, confidence, and personal development. 

Does Vastu recommend an oval-shaped plot? 

No, Vastu advises against using oval-shaped layers at all. It gives us a great deal of trouble because the corners are missing. 

Is the Triangle Plot Suitable for Vastu?

Plots with three triangle-shaped sides or corner plots are linked to bad vibration. It can occasionally result in issues with the government itself. It can also lead to many health issues, losses, stress, and disruptions to the household’s enjoyment. 

Is a parallelogram plot a good idea according to Vastu? 

Plots with a parallelogram shape are unlucky. It increases conflict and strains relationships. Another name for it is an irregularly shaped plot. 

Is the Gomukhi Shape Plot Vastu-Friendly? 

This plot shape, called Gomukhi, is small in the front and broad in the back. It is suitable for residential usage, but one avoids using it for business purposes. South-east extending eastward results in financial loss; there is no progress in the Northeast; cuts in the Northwest lead to illness. 

Is the Shermukhi Shape Plot Good as per Vastu ? 

The plot will be wider in the front and narrower in the back in this shape. Another name for this plot shape is Lion faced. The majority of uses for this land are commercial or industrial. When it comes to residential, there is no prosperity from this kind of shape of plots. 

As Per Vastu is the Hexagon shape plot good? 

Vastu Shastra states that an uneven plot form is seen as unlucky. It couldn’t characterize a hexagonal plot as awful. Since there are corrective measures available to change the plot into a positive plan. 

Can a Pentagon-shaped plot be good for Vastu? 

According to Vasu Pentagon, Octagon sites are not ideal. A buildup area is deemed good if it resembles a square or rectangle. In Vastu, these kinds of irregularly shaped plots lead to unfortunate incidents and accidents. 

Is the semi-circular shape good as per Vastu? 

Dimensions of this kind are regarded as unlucky. It results in limited growth, illness, losses, and a range of issues.  

Harmonize Your Home: Choosing the Right Vastu Colors for Each Room 

S.No Category Must Use Must Avoid 
Hall White or Yellow All colors with Deep shade 
Master Bedroom Blue Dark shades of Red 
Guest room White Dark shades of red 
Drawing/living room White Dark colors 
Dining room Green, blue or yellow Gray 
Ceiling White or off-white Black and gray 
Kid’s room White Dark blue and red 
Kitchen Orange or red Dark gray, blue, brown, and black 
Bathroom White Dark shades of any color 
10 Hall Yellow or white Any color in a deep shade 
11 Pooja room Yellow Red 
12 Home Exterior Yellowish-white, off-white Black 
13 Main door/entrance White, silver Deep yellow 
14 Study room Light green, cream or white Brown 
15 Balcony/veranda Blue, light tones of pink and green Gray 
16 Garage White, yellow Black 
17 Staircase White, beige, brown, light gray, pale blue Red and black 
Must and Must Not Use Colors for Rooms


  • In terms of the plot’s surroundings, there shouldn’t be a large tree directly in front of the Vaastu plot. 
  • Temples shouldn’t be located too close to the plot (like our house’s immediate compound wall). 
  • In every plot, the electric pole should face southward. It will provide the main entrance’s plot with dynamic strength. 

Plots facing one side road: 

  • For feng shui, the west-facing path is associated with prosperity and popularity. 
  • South-facing roads are ideal for business activities, and south-facing bedrooms are beneficial in houses. 
  • A route facing north brings money in plenty. 
  • The finest roads for family members’ development and happiness are those that face east. 

Plots facing two-side roads: 

  • Roads that face east or north are advantageous for businesspeople. 
  • For favorable energy, women who are the heads of their families should live east-facing or south-facing roadways. 
  • A moderate fortune is derived from the front entrance by west and south-facing roads. 
  • North and west-facing highways are seen to be the most affluent and advantageous directions. 

Direction based on color as per Vastu: 

  • Northeast – Light Blue 
  • East – White / Light blue 
  • Southeast – pink, Orange, Silver 
  • North – Green / Pista Green 
  • West – Blue 
  • Northwest – Light Gray 
  • Southwest – Peach / Mud Color 
  • South – Red / Yellow 
  • South and Southeast – White, Pink, or Orange 
Colors Significance 
Red Passion, power, emotions, warmth 
Blue Beauty, contentment, devotion, truth 
Green Growth, healing, fertility, prosperity 
White Purity, openness, innocence, luxury 
Yellow Optimism, openness, study, intelligence 
Orange Determination, goals, good health, comfort 
Brown Stability, satisfaction, comfort 
Purple Richness, luxury, graciousness, pride 
Colors & Significance

The Room Positions for Each Direction are as follows: 

  • North – Treasury, Study room 
  • North East – Pooja room, Veranda, Portico, and this corner is not used for Kitchen, Bed Room, and Toilet. The toilet seat should always be placed in such a direction that the person using it would be facing the northern or southern direction of the home. This will keep the health of the family members balanced. 
  • East – Dining, Study room, Kids room, Bathroom. Between East and North-east which is used for the Entertainment and also used as a common room, Drawing Room 
  • Between East and south-east should be used as a storeroom. 
  • Southeast and southeast corner – Kitchen, Garage 
  • South-facing house – Bedroom, Dining 
  • Southwest – Bedroom, Storeroom, Dressing room 
  • West – study room, kids room 
  • Northwest – Granary, Bathroom, Garage, Guest room 

In consideration of Vastu Shastra for home, some paintings & Idols will give Positive vibes, development, Prosperity, Grace, and Luck too: 

  • Buddha – Facing the entrance – Provide Peace and God’s Grace in the entrance facing. 
  • Horse – South Wall of the house – Provide Speed, Power, Victory, Loyalty, Achievement 
  • Water Painting – Northeast –Provides Life Movements, Activities & flow of life. 
  • Pair of Birds – Provide Harmonious Bonding between Man & Woman in the peaceful staircase. 
  • Camel – Provide Overseas job, Business & Travel opportunities. 
  • Pine tree – Provide positivity & Strength, and Longevity. 
  • Dancing Dolphin – East and Southeast – Provide an understanding of positive and negative aspects regarding work & Finance 

Vastu for Windows 

Windows can be oriented toward the northeast, north, or east. The window’s southwest orientation is not conducive to optimism. Only even numbers of Windows are required. Greater windows in the Northeast, East, and North. 

 Southeast and Northwest Should have medium windows. Little windows facing south and west. Windows can be positioned in the pooja room for ventilation. 

Vastu Shastra For Kitchen:

Kitchens designed according to Vastu will give Indian shastras greater vitality. Every kitchen appliance makes the room so much more proud. 

Vastu Shastra states that natural resources such as earth, air, sky, water, and fire should be in balance and that the kitchen should have positive energy. These items infuse the house with more positive energy. 

Southeast is the ideal orientation for the kitchen’s construction. since that direction is thought to be fiery. One needs to observe the kitchen is not built on northeast, southwest, and north sides. When a house you get in this fashion brings in positivity.

Since all of the kitchen’s appliances—including the gas cylinders, stove, oven, and toasters—are fire-based, they should be kept in the southeast area. Kitchen drains, washbasins, water pipelines, and washing machines should all face north or northeast. Prosperity, luck, and pleasure can be obtained by positioning the refrigerator and other stocks on the southwest side. 

Vastu Shastra For Bedrooms

Are you wondering why it is appropriate to see Vastu in the bedroom? Recall that a little action can make a big difference in someone’s life and even strengthen a couple’s bond. The bedroom should face southwest, which is said to promote riches and health. The bed should face southwest and point west. 

Some things to avoid:

Avoid using black paint and do not position a glass or TV in front of your bed. Also, stay away from paintings of fountains and temples. 

 Use some Vastu plants for the Bedroom:

  • Money Plant: According to Vastu Shastra, this air-purifying house plant should be placed near the foot of the bed or the foot of the bedroom. 
  • Bamboo plant: According to Vastu Shastra, this plant can eliminate any bad energy and increase wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. 
  •  Peace Lily: According to science, peace lily plants may clean the air. According to Vastu, it should be positioned close to the window to ensure that it begins in harmony, serenity, and prosperity. Lily plants are loved by millions of people and are considered a symbol of harmony and happiness in Vastu Shastra. Positive energy from this plant will fill the bedroom. 
  • Plant jasmine – Jasmine is a very simple and highly fragrant plant that will create the mood to be refreshed and calm. In Vastu, the plant is placed near a window to get the full use of it.

 Sleeping Directions

Vastu Shastra places great importance on sleeping directions. Specifically, the eastern direction is associated with riches and repute, the western direction with harmony and spirituality, and the north with prosperity. Take up the south or southwest corner of the master bedroom; single people are not permitted to use this bedroom. It is only for married or newlywed couples. If you adhere to the correct components of Vastu Shastra, you will not experience Vastu Dosh. 

In Conclusion: Vastu Shastra Tips 

  • If you’re seeking advice on building a Vastu-based home, you should apply Vastu Shastra in the construction of your home. This will increase your luck when you notice differences in other Vastu-based homes. For those who are willing to apply Shastra in the construction of their home, Vastu is beneficial. 
  • Your home’s primary entrance should face either northeast, north, or east. Prior to purchasing or building a house, consider having a north or east front. 
  • The furnishings should face southwest, while the hall should face either east or north. You can avoid vastu dosh in your house by doing this. 
  • According to Vastu Shastra, sea salt is highly beneficial for homes. It is a crucial Vastu cure for the home and is also utilized to remove Vastu Dosh. Floors can be cleaned with a solution of water and tiny sea salt particles. 
  • Mirrors are a key component of Vastu Shastra since they bring positive energy into the home. There are two crucial things you cannot do with mirrors: don’t put glass in front of your bed or your front door. 
  • As a vastu treatment, camphor crystals can be used to avoid vastu dosh. Use camphor bits that will alter your plan when you are battling something. 
  • Pyramids placed at the front of your home shield you from bad energy. For further information on how to use a pyramid, speak with a Vastu Shastra expert. You could also use a crystal ball. 
  • Use wind chimes with four to eight hollow rods for Vastu Dosh to disperse positive energy throughout the home. 
  • Horseshoes are used in certain homes as a means of attracting riches, good fortune, and positive energy. Holding in the main door is the best location. 

According to the above article, Vastu Shastra can play a significant role in bringing a change in one’s lifestyle.