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Olive Builders was launched in 1983 by Dr Mathai PV, a visionary committed to building world-class homes that match the aspiration of Indian home-buyers. Over the years, the company has undergone a great deal of transformation in the realm of Real Estate development. Our humble origins in the industry combined with the customer-friendly principles of Dr Mathai have helped us stay grounded and committed to home buyers for the past 37 years.

Olive Builders strongly believes that customer satisfaction plays an important role to make each project a complete success. Our team members know the relevance of building enduring rapport with each client. Our engineers focus on using the finest quality construction material to build housing solutions that stand the test of time. We are transparent and realize the importance of avoiding complacency during all stages of a project. That's why existing customers and prospective home-buyers - Indian residents and NRIs - believe in Olive's promise of residential solutions that offer not just quality living spaces but a lot of heart!

We believe in maintaining credibility through transparency in all our dealings. Our focus is on continuing to build family-friendly living spaces that offer luxury and all imaginable amenities at the finest locations. All our completed residential projects serve as a testimony to the commitment showcased by our building team to fulfill the housing aspirations of Clients. We will continue to create the most fabulous residential and commercial homes by deploying innovative technologies in the field of real estate development.

Equipped with a team of highly motivated and experienced engineers and marketers, Olive Builders aims to design state-of-the-art homes available at buyer-friendly prices. We also aim to provide consulting solutions that help investors choose the right property for their hard-earned money. We hope to be ranked among the best builders in the world, renowned not just for the finest architectural solutions but for our integrity as well.

From my over three decade-long experience in the industry, I can safely conclude that the Real Estate and infrastructure development have made massive contribution to the progress of our country. I find it a wonderful honor to be able to reflect on the series of contributions made by Olive Builders towards the advancement of real estate industry. I take immense pride in reiterating that professionals at Olive Builders have remained faithful to the principle of building residences on the foundation of unconditional trust and commitment. Our construction work is driven by a unique formula of innovation and professionalism that guarantee unparalleled standards of services without the slightest of delay in the timely completion of projects. My insistence on following a principled approach towards Real Estate development has not only inspired the company to construct elaborate buildings in compliance with universal standards but also build residences that are in close communion with the socio-environmental surroundings.

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