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Hyderabad has emerged as the most attractive investment destination in India, and holds the most promising growth prospects according to numerous reports on the real estate sector in the country. This is borne out by the continuous and increasing inflow of investments into this sector, stable political environment and extremely encouraging government policies.

As per a recent survey conducted by Economic Times, “Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, has witnessed a steep increase of 50% in property sales, which is much higher than other cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune.” The phenomenal increase in professionals settling down in the city and rapidly developing infrastructure has been the prime driver for Hyderabad emerging as THE DESTINATION for investments in real estate, be it residential or commercial.

PUDAMI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS is promoted by Ms T Rama and Mr T Srikanth, young and dynamic individuals with an extremely rich legacy of over a decade in Real Estate Development as well as Marketing. With a deep understanding of investors’ motivations, needs and aspirations, the promoters have earned the abiding trust and appreciation of their ever-expanding base of customers.

The promoters have an eagle-eye for sifting through various real estate development options and identifying projects with phenomenal growth potential, followed by:

Rigorous due diligence

Professional legal scrutiny of all link documents

Elimination of doubtful or disputed lands / properties

Meticulous documentation

Efficient development of projects in strict compliance with applicable laws of the land

The promoters’ longstanding relationship with a wide network of service providers, excellent liaison with concerned government authorities and empathy with customers’ aspirations equips them to execute projects from scratch-to-finish, on time and without cost overruns.

All this collectively assures to the prospective customers:

Competitively priced investment opportunities with guaranteed handsome returns

Guaranteed everlasting peace of mind

PUDAMI means EARTH in Sanskrit / Telugu. True to its name, PUDAMI BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS stands for:

Solidity, trust and integrity in operations

High fertility and bountiful harvest through rich returns on investments

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