V2 Holdings Housing Development Private Limited


V2 Holdings Housing Development Pvt. Ltd. (HDPL) offers you a choice of excellent residential propertie from apartments in smaller, stand-alone projects to apartments located within large, self-contained residential enclaves.

V2 Holdings was started by Mr. P. L. Venkatarama Reddy. The company for quite sometime has been engaged in the development of commercial and residential and business properties. Mr. Venkatarama Reddy, is a professional with a high degree of business expertise and has a keen interest in project developmental activities. He developed many commercial residential apartment projects. And every project presented is unique in its own way. He Has a very vast experience and fully conversant with project management, statutory procedures, legal, environmental health, which is evident in the projects completed by them. Our team of professionals with years of invaluable experience is committed to building the future through highly personalized service and attention, creating new standards of excellence in a class apart. The quality of home we build is unparallel. V2Holdings (HDPL) Projects emanate from an eminently brilliant architects and civil engineers to provide high value, high quality housing of the finest architectural standards as well as new age amenities.

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