SNN Raj Corp


Elevating lives,

one creation at a time

Over the past three decades, we’ve transformed not only spaces and skylines, but also hopes, dreams and aspirations for thousands across India with our projects.

Our legacy's new face.

This logo is a celebration of everything that SNN Raj Corp has created and will create in the decades to come.

The form it takes is that of a square, which signifies balance, structure, logic, and order. The square container signifies security and protection; a line of fortification and defense against any external elements. It is composed of well placed curves and edges showing the varied paths that we’re set to take in the years coming up ahead.

Within the container, you see the company name spelt out - striking and eye-catching. It consists of two portions. One modern typeface, whose asymmetrical nature intends to show the versatility in offerings from SNN Raj Corp, and one simple straightforward one which shows our grounding and belief in simplicity.

Our Mission

To transform and elevate the lives of every single patron, customer, employee and partner through quality, innovation and dedication.

Our Vision

To create beautiful luxury homes, buildings, skylines and dreams for every Indian.

Ongoing projects (7)