Sairam Dwellings Pvt Ltd


Established in 2003, our deep understanding of the real estate market with over 35 plus years of man hours of creating innovative dwellings has helped us become one of Bangalore’s best construction firms today. Headquartered in Bangalore with an additional office at Mysore, our experienced team has successfully delivered over 350 high quality residential apartments and homes to customers in desirable locations in Bangalore and Mysore.

At "Sairam Dwellings" we realize the importance of the place called "home"and strive to make the experience of buying a home from us worth their effort , time and money. Our innovations in the construction process, our reputation for superior quality and timely delivery of our projects has gained us immense trust, success and credibility from all our customers. We continue to embrace bigger challenges as we look to expand our footprint across Bangalore and Mysore.

About the logo

The residential tower extending upwards to the horizon, casting a silhouette signifies the groups intentions to cast its lasting imprint in the Real Estate space and reiterates that sky is the limit for the ambitious growth it has chartered for itself.

White represents : Sincerity , Perfection, Safe
Blue represents : Stability, Trust , Loyalty, Confidence
Grey represents : A silhouette / shadow. Imprints of buildings
Sairam represents : Faith , Patience , Truthfulness

The colours represent the groups holistic approach to the business and the trust it has built amongst its loyal customers since its inception in 2003.

Our Mission
Work hard everyday to make “Sairam Dwellings” the most loved brand in the residential dwelling space in the country

Our Values
Inspiring people to own a home !

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