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We don’t believe in long history and legacy. We are young company with fresh minds with lot of enthuse, energy and creative ideas to deliver what we promise to our customers. We maintain complete transparency in the whole process and transactions. We are big promoters of GREEN Life.

With that, we would like to introduce ourselves as “Team – NSR” and our company is built on three pillars – HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY and GREENERY.

HONESTY – It drives us to make the promises which we can deliver. We believe in Promise SMALL and Deliver BIG.

TRANSPARENCY – We help our customers in taking Informed Decisions. We share the complete details with supporting references and give regular updates to avoid ambiguity during the process.

GREENERY – We believe that Green Life and Recreation brings good Health & Peace to our lives. Hence, we are here to help our customers to fulfil their dreams with our services promoting this big way.

We are committed to create integrated living modules that ensure good entertainment, fun and relaxation through a completely GREEN environment and making them highly affordable to the people. We are committed to develop truly Self-Sustained and Eco-Friendly Townships which has real impact on the quality of lifestyle which we lead in these landmark places. That means, we develop the infrastructure in such a way that, the essential things in our life – Water, Air, Food and Power are taken care self sufficiently from the Mother Nature, with in the community with minimal dependency on the external world.

We are committed to form seamless partnerships with our customers, so that their requirements become our needs. Our quest for excellence is achieved by innovative approach to green housing and/or recreational needs and quality execution of projects by our high performance team that takes pride in being part of GREEN promoters of the modern India.

We believe that, A TOWNSHIP is NOT just a place to live in. The Ambiance, the Neighborhood, the Comforts, and the Amenities define the quality of Life and create a long lasting impression. It is much more than a mere Address…it is Our Identity.

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