Mohan Builders


Established in 1999,Mohan builders is engaged in site selling and independent house construction programs in Bangalore. Since then we have sold hundreds of sites to satisfied customers.

This is a proprietary concern, and Mr.Mohan sakthimangalam is the sole owner of properties.

All of us in this world have aspirations to live a better life. A life which is complete with security for our family with good clean air for us to breath, a playground for our children to home in and a school for them to pursue their studies.

Also we hope to live in an environment of good nature and fellowship with friendly neighbors who come to our help in times of need and vice versa. Well keeping exactly these aspirations of yours in mind “MOHAN BUILDERS’ have designed townships in DIFFERENT PARTS OF BANGALORE. Equipped with wide roads, clean water and pristine surroundings easily fits all the criteria for an ideal Township.

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