Mahendra Homes Private Limited


We are an infrastructure development company headquartered in Bangalore and we have progressed beyond leaps and bounds under the inspiring leadership of Sri. B. T. Nagaraj Reddy. Our promoters come with vast exposure and experience in the field of construction products and real estate.

Mahendra Homes has a team of committed professionals with vast experience in development of villas and apartments, with hands on experience in Quality Planning, Designing and Construction. We are not only builders but your building partner with our own vertical of infrastructure materials like Ready Mix Concrete; Blue Metals with Brand Bharath Cement Products & Bharath Blue Metals. With most of the requirements fulfilled by our own companies, we are able to maintain the best of quality and timely delivery at astonishing prices, which again goes to say that we value your TRUST over and above everything else. We stand for greater emphasis now on spiritual well being.

Our work describes the outlook of life aesthetically and spiritually besides being ever so well balanced for a harmonious living. Having the science of Vaastu applied to all our work, we ensure that we combine our ethos and modern requirements in one great symphony of construction.

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