Holiac Realty Pvt Ltd


Bonded by an open, process oriented work culture, the Holiac Group has a professional approach to every aspect of work from project conception to completion.

We work around the customer’s needs and will not rest till we see the delight and satisfaction measuring upto the expectations of the customer.

Openness: We have an open culture of working, sharing and co-creating.

Transparency: We work as a team and keep the relevant information flowing for best decisions.

Empowerment: Every employee is empowered with an environment that fosters them to be at their best.

Communication: The best way to share responsibly and stay committed is only possible through communication.

Honesty & Ethics: Work like you are the customer and give what you expect in return.

Care & Commitment: We are all one big family and can only grow with each other’s growth.

Sharing: We encourage sharing of issues, ideas, innovations, experiences that help all grow tall.

Social responsibility: Adapt to the highest standards of environmental care, with best waste management and green energy practices.

We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do, so we use local and international resources as needed to deliver the best. Needless to say, the group is an equal opportunity employer leveraging its exposure to pave the way forward for future growth.

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