GR Projects & Infrastructure Developments Private Limited


GR Projects is a real estate development corporation operating in Bangalore. We focus attention in providing world-class property development in residential villas. We operate on the belief that long term excellence in the building industry is achieved through pride in workmanship combined with maximum value and client satisfaction.

We at GR Projects are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive range of products with integrity. In everything we do we aim to enhance the quality of living, through our ever developing range of individual home design and the development of eye-catching urban townships & beautiful new neighborhoods. We are proud of each and every home we build.

Actualizing the successful completion of a Real Estate Development is a process. We embrace the fact that this process is a combination of steps, each of which require professional attention in the form of experience, skill and technology. We are dedicated to satisfying our clients with a wide range of products, professional assistance and advanced information tools necessary to give them the most advantageous position possible.

GR Projects has a strong and dedicated team of professionals who manage the important areas of land procurement, architecture development, marketing and financial activities of the project.

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