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The cityscape with all its opportunities comes at a price, a life devoid of nature. At Countryside, this is the one thing we want to change. We want to bridge the gap between the contemporary and our heritage. Our driving philosophy has always been to incorporate nature into our lives - whether it's in the form sustainable constructions creating a space, ideal for an indoor plant. No effort is too little as every drop makes an ocean.

I connect to our logo from the very first look and everytime I look at it . Its like, looking back to find the dots have connected themselves. As a small town boy with humble beginnings , I believe that all the endeavors, actions of mine and their fruits are not mine, but as a result of the “Divine Mother – Shakti’s“ grace and inspiration, who is expressing her will and acting through my efforts and actions. The logo which looks like the ‘third eye of Shakti ’ is like an indication and a constant reminder of the above fact. Its like she is telling me, “ always be humble because you are a medium not the doer, be grateful and sincere because you have been chosen as the medium”. Her ‘ Third Eye ’ which symbolically indicates Intellect , says that with such awareness , knowledge and purity of thoughts the Intellect evolves and , detached actions which are driven by Intellect are the strongest. As We as an Organisation and I keep progressing from one stage to other as the result of co-ordinated , organized and focused action , the logo will always remind us from where we started and keep connecting the dots backwards , keep us grounded and humble. Co-ordination, Team work, Focus and Organized action are traits of Shakti and symbolically represented in Hindu mythology with her eight hands working together towards a single goal – destruction of evil.

The logo is also indicative of the flame from a lamp with a standing wick. Such lamps whose flames point upwards are glown to convey a feeling of gratitude towards the Divine . It is like a person standing with folded hands drawn upwards and looking at the heavens thanking the Divine for everything. To the outer world , the logo manifests itself as indication of progress , simplicity , peace and forward thinking.


The brand stands for a way of life which is defined by the three words – Responsibility, Warmth and Care. Founded by someone who is brought up in small town India, grown up seeing Doordarshan’s, Samachar, Chitrahaar, Malgudi Days and Ramayan in a society where every elder and used to be Uncle and Aunty and source of love and attention, where Re.1 used to fetch 12 pani puris and 50ps used to fetch a Thums Up and where a family of 4 used to fit into a Bajaj Chetak with overjoyed smiles on their faces and a tremendous excitement of going out. Movie going used to be a trip to a cinema hall and Salman, Aamir, Sanjay used to be matinee idols. Cricket, Gilli Danda, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Rolling worn cycle tyres used to be the favourite games.

With joyful childhood memories and a heart full of love and passion, the founder together with a like minded team having sharp business acumen in their DNA, is driven by a mission to bring products and services with a clear purpose and promise – to enhance the happiness index in the lives of people with state of the art products which are ahead of their times and to add consistent value to the societ

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