Anika Developers


Anika Developers has an insatiable desire to deliver the best to its clientele. Be it architecture, amenities, quality, or anything else, Anika prides itself on more-than-just-meeting the expectations, every time. In addition, it also aims to fulfil the aspirations of middle class populance by delivering hi-end homes at fairly reasonable rates. What's more, every Anika property is backed by clear documentation, legally certified by a team of esteemed advocates.

Redwood Homes is Anika's latest creation. It embodies the company's spirit and delivers on its promise to constantly upgrade the way people live.

Anika Redwood Homes is designed for the discerning global citizen by the renowned architects, CnT. They are well-known for their powers in enriching life through architecture and creating new-age spaces that exude brilliance.

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