Aishwarya Promoters


AISHWARYA PROMOTERS is a partnership company established in 2010 and incorporated under Indian Partnership Act 1932 by Mr.G.Muthukumar and Mr.R.Arumugam. Both the partners are leading player in the real estate development with a proven track record in the field of civil construction and real estate development activities. Initially the partner Mr.G.Muthukumar, who is having a proprietary concern and was executing projects in the name of Guru Builders.

Similarly the partner Mr.R.Arumugam is also having a proprietary concern and executing the projects in the name of A.R.Promoterrs.

Aishwarya Promoters has a strong and dynamic senior management team with strength in project management, project execution and marketing. The company is managed by the Managing Partner Mr.G.Muthukumar, who is basically a civil engineering graduate from a reputed college Govt. College of Technology, Coimbatore during 1986-90. He is having experience in the field of construction and real estate development for more than 22 years.

He is responsible for several aspects of the business including defining the company strategy, business development, fund raising, etc. He is the guiding force of the company and responsible for execution of several successful large scale projects.

The other partner Mr.R.Arumugam is having a vast experience in the field of interior works, construction industry and coordinates with the field management of construction.

The structural design for the RCC structures is designed by leading structural consultant Er.A.Veerappan & Associates ( Tamilnadu ) private limited.

The company works with the leading sub contractors on its projects to ensure the optimal utilization of resources and timely completion of the projects.

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