PTC Builders


PTC Builders has been a prominent real estate developer in Kerala for over a decade. Be it the raw materials, architecture, quality of the construction, delivery or design, every project by PTC Builders is a real masterpiece.

PTC Ready-mix Concrete has been leased out to RMC India to supply to the burgeoning infrastructure growth of the state through the supply of concrete products. The company is progressive and fast-paced to stay hand-in-hand with the increasing needs of the customers.

PTC Towers is the commercial building nested in the heart of the city comfortably close to the railway station and central bus stand. One of the hidden secrets of Trivandrum is the charming rooftop garden and convention hall, Hamsadhwani, that PTC Towers has! It offers a great view of the skyline of Trivandrum on one side and the majestic western ghats standing tall on the other side.

PTC Towers, where the PTC group head office functions is one of the iconic buildings of Thampanoor with enough car parking area and a rooftop garden/party area.

Many Govt. offices like Life Mission, Jalanidhi and many other private firms functions here.

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