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What to Check While Investing in a Retirement Home

Longer lifespans, growing wealth, and a changing mindset have made retirement homes an attractive option for many Indians. Catering to the needs of affluent Indians, these homes are an excellent alternative for people who want to spend their golden years with like-minded people in a secure community.

This change, which began in the west perhaps a decade ago, is now steadily gaining popularity in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, the social stigma of living in a retirement home is slowly changing with the focus now more on leading an independent life.

As per Census 2011, nearly 104 million Indians are above 60 years of age. This number is expected to increase to 173 million by 2026. The demand for retirement townships in Indian cities is only expected to gain further momentum.

In this post, we take a look at the finer details to consider while buying a retirement home. In the end, we have curated a list of questions that you must ask a developer for a happy living.

Choose the right developer

This being a niche segment, there are only a few real estate developers who have experience in building retirement communities.

Selecting the right developer is very important. After all, in retirement communities, it is the after-service that matters the most.


The idea of retirement homes is to offer a peaceful life to its residents. Thus, these societies are usually situated on the outskirts of cities or in the suburbs. Such areas may offer the required calm but can also keep you away from the centre of the city.

While retirement homes are equipped with basic medical facilities, it is always advisable to opt for one which has a big hospital close by.

Payment modes

There are various payments options when it comes to retirement homes. These include:

  • Outright purchase: This requires you to make the full payment upfront. The benefit of this is that you can pass on the house to your children. You can also sell the home if the need arises.
  • Upfront deposit model: In this, you pay 60-80% of the cost of the house. In this, the upfront cost is less and leaves you with more funds in hand. You can live in the house for a set period. While moving out, your deposit will be returned after deducting certain charges. This is more like a lease model.
  • Rent: In case you don’t want to buy the property, you can always take it on rent.

The facilities

A retirement home should be self-sustaining. On the basic level, check if the day-to-day needs, such as food, laundry, and housekeeping are taken care of. Then comes the assisted living, which includes concierge services. In addition to this, check for round-the-clock medical facilities.

Retirement Homes

There are certain architectural guidelines for retirement homes, which include anti-skid tiles in bathrooms, low-height shelves in the living room and kitchen, and bigger balconies for sunlight. Check if the property meets all these requirements.

Easy checklist

Finalising a property can be daunting. We have this handy checklist for you to identify the most common things you need to check on your site visit. Keep these questions handy and find out how to make your life easier.


  1. Retirement homes are becoming a necessary option in the aftermath of Covid-19. 5 cities (Coimbatore, Cochi, Mysore, Vishakhapatnam, and Pondicherry) are ranked as having suitable homes. A comparative assessment may be a good way forward to made decisions.
    A classification on Total Cost of Living slabs
    A suitability index on age of entry of the senior
    A breakup of key services matrix
    Availability of the 3 options (Outright purchase, Upfront deposit model, and Rent)
    and finally The age or maturity of the community.
    Please consider building one and maintaining it on a periodic basis,

    If education systems ranking is so popular as a quick guide, time is mature for retirement homes ranking!!

    1. Hi Srikant

      We being a North Indian slightly hesitate to settle in 5 cities mentioned in your post simply because it is presumed that families from south find it difficult to gel with North Indians . We visited Anandam near Kodaikanal but found similar issues.Do you know any schemes in north india.


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