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The Top 6 Questions You Need To Ask to Declutter Your Home

When you choose to live with less, it is not about what you are letting go but what you are gaining in the process.

When you make up your mind to let go of the clutter, the excess, the unwanted, and the distraction, you gain so much more: more space, more time, more money and more peace of mind.

And when we say get rid of clutter, we mean either recycle it, donate, sell, or throw it away. Regardless, it will make you feel better and make your house look so much better.

But how do you decide what all to get rid of? Well, decide by asking yourself these six questions:

Do I really need this?

This is probably the most basic yet most important question. There is a difference between wanting and needing something. Think if given a chance, would you buy this item now? If the answer is no, just dispose of the item right away.

Am I holding on to this for sentimental value?

As humans, we tend to form a bonding with everything, and many times our attachment and associated memories with an item prevent us from letting it go.

Be strict and limit the number of items you want in your memorabilia box. For rest of the things, you can click a picture of the items and keep it for posterity.

Do I have another item that serves the same purpose as this?

Sometimes we purchase multiple items that serve the same purpose. For example, if you own a griller as well as a multi-purpose oven that serves as a griller too, you should easily be able to get rid of the griller.

There is no point owning two items for the same purpose.

Have I used it in the past one year?

Research says, if you haven’t used something in the past six months, you will probably never use it. If you are keeping something just because you might need it ‘one day’, it is a good idea to let it go.

Today is the day, and if you need something today, it needs to go.

Do I have space for it?

You may love the item and want to keep it badly, but do you have space for it? Remember, the space in your house is limited and therefore, make wise decisions on items that are going to fill it up.

Am I holding on to it so that I can fix the broken piece someday?

How long has the item been broken? Why haven’t you fixed it already? Is it worth spending time and efforts fixing the broken item?

Sometimes, we feel guilty throwing away broken item. However, storing them isn’t helping either. Fix it now or set a timeframe (maximum of a week) by which you will fix it. If you don’t get around fixing it by then, toss it out.

Lastly, if after asking yourself all the above questions, you still find yourself in two minds about getting rid of something, ask “What is the real reason you are unable to let the thing go?

Figure out the answer, and once you do, it will be easier to let go of all the unwanted clutter.

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