Ideas to Stylize Your Home

Our Top 5 Ideas to Stylize Your Home with Mirrors

Let’s admit it mirrors are pretty indispensable. How else would we know we look good in that cocktail dress or set that annoying flick of hair in place? More so today, with the mirror’s functions having expanded to include being interior design accessories. There are countless ways you can use mirrors to accentuate space, light, and, of course, style in your home.

Here, we give you our top five ideas to stylize your home decor with mirrors.

Mirror as a glam prop

That’s right. The mirror is an extremely valuable and essential prop if you want to drive up the glam factor.

Add a mirror or two to your hallway to brighten it up and also to add an artistic statement. Take it a step further by adding multiple mirrors to your gallery wall in the living room. Not only does it add an eclectic touch but will also fill those awkward empty spaces between the art prints and photographs.

And here’s another trick. Want to underline a primary colour in a room without overdosing the walls with it? Arrange mirrors in the room by interspersing them among other objects, and they will reflect the colour off the walls with a warm glow. 

Coloured frames

When you think of mirror frames, the choices usually include gilt-edged, silver, dark browns or blacks, and such like.

While mirrors are versatile enough to fit any kind of decor sometimes, you might want your mirror to be a piece of art rather than an accessory that melds with the rest of the furnishing. That’s where coloured frames come in.

Have you ever thought of mirrors as a catalyst that seriously boosts your colour palette? If your decor is leaning to whites and pale yellows or creams, then make your wall pop by painting the frame of your mirror a bold crimson or emerald. Not only does it look chic and unique but it also draws attention away from small rooms.

If you have a mirror that has a broad and wide frame, then don’t just stick to a single hue.

Polish up those rusty craft skills by decorating it with small items like seashells, glass bits or pebbles. Or give it to a professional and turn it into a frieze frame. A single mirror, if done up well, can add more depth and dimension to your room than any other item.

Mirrors for light and style

Feel stuck with rooms that just don’t seem to let in enough light? All you need to do is spread the light you have!

A strategically placed mirror (or two!) can expand the reach of the light with its reflection and make the room appear brighter than it really is. This enhances the view and atmosphere in the room.

Place a large floor to ceiling mirror near a window to catch a strong angle of sunlight just so and watch the transformation in the room. Flank the mirror with some artwork or some indoor plants, and your room just tipped the style scale!

Mirror an entire wall

A mirror is a decorator’s best friend. Ok, one of them.

But it’s no surprise that interiors designers rely so heavily on mirrors to complement decor. Mirrors are so adaptable that you can even do up an entire wall with them without appearing flashy. A phalanx of cleverly arranged mirrors can conceal otherwise prominent flaws on the wall, look very jazzy and contemporary, and can add an immense aura to the room.

Try out some wall panelling by fitting mirrors of the same size in multiple frames all over the wall. Paint the background a hazy blue or light cream or any other soft colours.

Want to stretch your creativity? Put mirror panels on an entire wall and then use markers for scribbling notes, doodling, or just anything you feel like. This takes away some of the edges and gives the room a more homely feel.

Mirror backsplash

A mirrored backsplash? You may ask.

Yes, once upon a time mirrors were used as backsplash material in bathrooms and kitchens. Today, that style has all but disappeared, which is a shame. Mirrors can make a boring kitchen shelf come alive and an ordinary washstand very appealing. Rev up the oomph factor in a traditional kitchen by adding a mirror panel above one side of the countertop. Not only does it do wonders to the appearance of space but also adds to the light.

If space is not an issue, then try a mirror backsplash inset above the stove top. Line the sides with shelves, hang up a few of your best looking kitchen accessories, and the difference is nothing short of fantastic.

Try mirror tiles to add a twist and cover either an entire section of the wall or a small spot. This would work in bathrooms or if you have space set aside for a mini-bar. Don’t shy away from mosaic tiles too. With appropriate lighting mirrors in any form can work magic in your home!

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