#2020WrapUp: Home Décor Trends Going Away in 2021

#2020WrapUp: Home Décor Trends Going Away in 2021

Home décor never stays the same. Every year brings with it new designs and trends, inspiring the more trend-conscious among us. 

2020 was the year of many looks including white-on-white, minimalism, monochrome palette, sustainable décor, and so on. While many of these trends will continue to be popular in the times to come, others are officially over. 

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we tapped leading designers to find out trends that you must ditch in 2021. Let’s take a look.

Trends that will look dated in 2021

“Like almost everything else, home décor is constantly evolving. Every year, we notice a shift in what’s hot and what’s not with design trends adapting to incorporate lifestyle influences from across the world,” says Dipti Das, AVP – Design, HomeLane. Here’s what she thinks you must leave behind in the coming year:

Monochrome palette

While homeowners had earlier embraced the all-white palette, it has been vastly overused in the past decade and is on its way out. Many now find that this monochrome palette is too stark and sterile, and prefer adding pops of colour to brighten up the décor. Design trends seem to be moving toward a mix and match, ‘anything goes’ style that’s peppy, bright and very individualistic.

Shag rugs underfoot

The second trend that’s on its way out is the use of shag rugs underfoot. These rugs are very difficult to clean, and with the focus now being on health and hygiene, you should definitely avoid them. Instead, opt for ethnic patterned rugs that show up dirt easily and can be brushed clean in a jiffy.

#2020WrapUp: Home Décor Trends Going Away in 2021

Natural wood 

Another trend that should be completely avoided is the use of natural wood and with good reason too. Our forest reserves are getting depleted and we just do not have enough green cover to justify razing down any more trees. Climate change is very real, and each of us must do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. This means planting more trees, and not contributing toward cutting them down.

Possible alternatives are factory-processed boards such as MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), which is made from wood waste. You could also consider using reclaimed wood, or recycling old furniture instead of making something new.

“Home décor is all about blending age-old themes to new-age interiors, but there are few trends that can be kept at the back seat,” believes Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries Ltd. Here are her top three picks:

Matching fabrics of drapes and the furniture

The age of matching fabrics on curtains and furniture has long gone for the simple reason of a little monotony accompanied by this trend. Today’s millennial lifestyle is all up for contrasts and subtle combinations. For instance, a plain net curtain works best with a sofa set upholstered in lively floral patterns.

Going overboard with maximalism

This trend has been raging since forever and now it is time for it to go. Maximalism is not about adding too many elements together but creating a comfortable and unique space by mixing not more than two or three elements. Your space must be mindfully designed while incorporating various elements together.

#2020WrapUp: Home Décor Trends Going Away in 2021

Millennial pink as the only blush colour 

Blush tones are soothing, beautiful, and visually appealing. Over the last few years, millennial pink from the blush palette has widely dominated the fashion and décor scene. Now, the time has come to embrace other pastel shades of sea green, coral, espresso, or olive gold. 

“Trend is what we make of it because, during the recent pandemic, everything seemed to be a ruckus. But even amidst the lockdown, home décor remained updated throughout the year,” adds Heena Jain, Design Consultant, WoodenStreet. According to her, you should completely ditch the following trends in 2021:

Using contrast in the same colour 

The contrast is a thing that always works but not in the same colour. Therefore, do not go for the same shade in any combination you are considering. For instance, if you have chosen geometric print wallpaper for your living room, then do not go for the same pattern couch. Instead, go for something solid in colour or vice-versa. 

Cabinets with handles 

In 2021, kitchen cabinets with pulls and handles should be dropped rather a complete integrated solid hardwood cabinet will cultivate the trend, with no trace of handles. But if you do want some handles and pull over, then go for oversized pulls, it will compliment your contemporary design. 

Light painted doors 

Avoid light painted doors. Instead, go for dark-coloured doors and one bright solid colour painted wall. Also, avoid fabric such as cotton or velvet and go for performance fabrics, which is easy to maintain.

An evergreen trend

“Sustainable décor is a trend that has assumed importance in the past decade and is not likely to go away soon. It’s all about being kind to the earth and respecting our natural resources, including water, forests, and animals,” explains Dipti. 

  • Choose green, organic materials and practices in your home
  • Try to use solar power and reduce your consumption of non-renewable energy
  • Be mindful of the amount of freshwater that is wasted every day
  • Reuse old furniture and upcycle fabrics

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