#DiwaliDecor: Give Your Home a Diwali Makeover

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. But it is a lot more than that. It is an auspicious time of the year when people spring-clean their homes, indulge in shopping for everything from clothes to gold ornaments, and organise family gatherings. Diwali is all about happiness and inviting prosperity into your homes. 

So, how do you get ready to do that? By giving your homes a Diwali makeover, of course! In addition to accepted tasks like cleaning your home, we have a few unique, effortless, and eco-friendly ideas that will make your home sparkle like new! 

The magic of paper cups

Do you know how versatile paper cups are? Yes, the humble paper cup can be folded, cut, and decorated in multiple ways to transform your home for Diwali. Use felt pens or simple fabric paints to draw your designs on the paper cups. String them together with tiny bulbs and hang them across your walls for a different effect.

Take your decorations a notch higher by adding some glitter that will sparkle with the lighting. Glue a circle of beads along the rims and they become excellent tealight holders. To get perfect mango leaves, retain the rim on one end and cut the cup in the appropriate shape. Decorate with some gold threads, colour them green, and they are good to go!

The art of bangle decor

Yes, you heard it right! Bangles are not just for adorning wrists but also for the walls of your home. Bangles come in a multitude of sizes, types, and colours, which makes them very flexible and affordable decorative pieces. String different bangles together to make colourful, twinkly curtains for your doorways.

Team up monochrome, gauzy organza dupattas with snazzy bangles to create mini pandals for your puja area or the entrance to your home. If you have a garden swing, thread string lights through bangles and drape them over the swing to create a lively ambience for family get-togethers in the evenings. To create stunning backdrops, hang them across the walls or from the ceiling and pair them with some flowers.

Reusing bottles

Wait, don’t throw those glass and plastic bottles away! They are exactly what you need for a funky decor for the Diwali bash. Wine bottles come in dark, vibrant colours and pairing them with fairy lights give off a sweet, mellow effect.

Wrap colourful twine or threads around the glass or plastic bottles and dress them up with various items like buttons, pins, and glitter. Convert the bottles to candle holders or flower vases that you can place around your patio and indoors. How’s that for a dazzling makeover and setting the mood for your Diwali party?

Painting floors with carpets and rugs

Rugs and carpets are like artwork for the floors. Don’t limit your Diwali makeover to small decorative items. This is the time to splurge on that lush Persian carpet you always had your eye on.

Indian Textiles

Liven up your bedrooms with rugs in traditional patterns and vibrant hues to compliment the splendour of the living room. As for the kitchen and dining room, infuse some traditional designs and rejig these areas by adding table runners or placemats with ethnic patterns.

Making the interiors glow

So far, we have talked about accessories to aid the Diwali makeover of your home. But how about going for more extensive changes? Don’t suck in your breath, thinking of expenses. Small changes with maximum effect are what we aim for!

Festival season is also sale season, and it is the best time to replace furniture, paint walls, and revamp your decor. For instance, switch out your old armchair for a new one. Drape it with new antimacassars or a bright throw and your living room will look different instantly. Bring in a new floor lamp or add a couple of houseplants. Wallpaper one side of the dining room or buy a new set of drapes. 

Follow these makeover tips, and your home will be as good as new, just in time to usher in Diwali!

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