Mainland Builders Pvt. Ltd.


Mainland Builders is a group of companies, which includes Mainland Buildcon and Goldfield Constructions under its leadership. Team Mainland Builders carries a vast experience in the field of Real Estate and Construction since 1980. The group has been a witness to the modernization phase of Pune and has been instrumental in developing several Residential and Commercial landmarks that have exceeded customer expectations every single time.

We at Mainland sincerely believe that everything in this world is created twice – once in the mind and later in the physical world. For ones dream to actualise into the physical world, one needs to understand the dream correctly and build it one step at a time. We, Mainland Builders, are your partners in converting your dreams into HOMES – your DREAM ABODE.

It is our continuous endeavour to understand the customer needs and design homes that take care of your current and future needs. Being in this industry since 1980, we carry the expertise to help you put your dreams into action and take that first step towards a life filled with prosperity, peace and happiness. Your search for a life full of abundance will definitely find a place in the homes designed by us.

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