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Just like the radiations of the Sri Yantra, the founders of the SHRI Group, Lt. Srinath Prasad and Lt. Jamuna Prasad started their journey of prosperity and success in 1931 with a renewed hope, abundant energy and undulating courage. As commodity traders they set new benchmarks of growth in Mathura. With value based business practices, customer driven policies and a commitment to social responsibilities the visionary businessmen laid a sturdy foundation of trust on which SHRI Group stands proudly today.

Since, the last decade, SHRI Group has emerged as one of the top innovative and trusted real estate company in India. Our inimitability lies not only in our luminous projects but also in the techniques of our business dealings. Wide array of our projects include integrated residential complexes, townships, ultra modern retail destinations, highway plazas, high end concept townships and farm houses. All these projects gained a unique name for us in terms of flawless designing, quality construction and superior specifications.

Our History

Tracing back to the sands of time, in 1931, the founders of SHRI Group - Lt. SHRI Srinath Prasad & SHRI Jamuna Prasad started with commodity trading- eventually expanding by setting up petrol-pumps and manufacturing packaged drinking water (Taza Pani). SHRI Group is a prominent name in the real estate arena since 1998. With its headquarter in Mathura, the realty firm has a total of 12, accomplished and on-going, residential projects. While 4 commercial undertakings are on the verge of completion/have been completed, many other projects are still taking form as their blueprints are being chalked out. With numerous residential societies and an awe-inspiring shopping arcade, the realty firm is well-established within Mathura. SHRI Group has come up with mammoth size hotels and colonies in the Braj region, namely- Vrindavan and Goverdhan. SHRI Group has taken a big leap by coming up with a self-sufficient township in Greater Noida which in turn has fetched positive limelight to the enterprise. We bring about uniformity in all our ventures through means of landscaping and innovation makes them unique. SHRI Group was launched with the desire to create 'Prosperity for all'. Ever since, all our endeavours aim at fulfilling our goal by means of affordable housing yet lavish environs. SHRI Group is the most ancient real estate company in Mathura and has emerged as the brand name for contemporary Mathura ('New Mathura') over the past decade.

'Our philosophy is to serve prosperity for all'. At SHRI Group, we are guided by the philosophy of collective growth. As a corporate entity, all our actions and thoughts are directed towards our customers, our associates, our employees and the community at large; ensure prosperity for all of those who are touched by our endeavors. We work to build a better tomorrow for all. We work to bring prosperity for all.

About Logo

Marked by its miraculous power, Sri Yantra is a sacred geometrical figure of mythological significance. Sri Yantra (meaning: holy wheel/sacred instrument) consists of a central point, ‘bindu’, which expresses in itself the womb of creation and non-duality (‘Advaita’). The central point is surrounded by 9 interlocking triangles. While the figure, on the whole is a representation of the entire cosmos, the triangles are a depiction of various levels of man’s spiritual journey. Sri Yantra is seen as a symbol of Prosperity. Sri Yantra, aptly, defines the goal of SHRI Group. Since its inception, SHRI Group adopted Sri Yantra as their logo. The pious symbol has been a source of inspiration, brevity and a constant reminder that man’s ultimate goal is to achieve spiritual wealth. SHRI Group directs its efforts to the fulfilment of its goal ‘prosperity for all’ by means of dedication, quality and experience- as depicted by the interlaced triangles. It has helped us stand firm through the turbulence and, rise above all obstacles. To keep up with charm of the symbol, SHRI Group has always aimed at achieving its goal in harmony with nature.

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