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SAHA Groupe is the culmination of 30+ years of experience in the real estate market with the desire to provide the market a product that is luxurious in true sense of the word as well as sustainable. Lead by Architect, Mr. Aniel Kuumar Saha, the complete team at SAHA Groupe is passionate about elevating the desires of our customers to beyond the current norm and delivering not just a livable work of art but also giving a human touch to luxury.

There is a considerable gap in the real estate development happening across the world and what's being offered in the country with respect to Sustainable Development and Luxury. SAHA Groupe is trying to bridge this gap with its new project launches in both residential and commercial spaces. In the long run, SAHA Groupe wants to be a pioneer in actual sustainable research so that we can commit our customers to a lifestyle of luxury and indulgence whilst minimizing their environmental impact.

In the meantime what can our customers expect from our ‘masterpieces’- they’d be Luxury, Design, Timely Delivery and Responsibility towards the planet.

Our aim has always been and will be to not just create building but to build homes with the best of everything – aesthetic brilliance, superior designs, green vision & bridge the gap between what is being offered in our country in terms of Sustainable development & luxury. We partnered with nature at every step and we decide to do so further too. We help redefine luxury for you in quality & space.

WCRC Leaders Asia - Excellence Awards, 2014 awarded Saha Groupe as 'The Most Promising Brand 2013 - 14' & Mr. Aunirban Saha as ‘Asia’s emerging business leader’. Mr. Aniel Kuumar Saha was awarded as ‘India’s Most Promising Leader’; he has also been awarded for ‘Excellence in Real Estate Innovation & Leadership’ for his contribution to the real estate sector in Delhi, NCR. WCRC also awarded us for Amadeus as ‘The Best Real Estate Project to look out for in the Super High-Rise Eco friendly Condominium category.


Our vision for every project is to cross and set free every benchmark set for us and bring the masterpieces to life and help the customer make it their perfect home.

“Excellence, in its true essence, is a journey that begins one step ahead of the existing benchmark.”

Quotes from our Chairman - Mr. Aniel Kuumar Saha.

We as a team look forward to every future project as opportunity to partner with nature and continue our green vision policy to build a better world whilst we redefined luxury with the help of design, aesthetics, concepts, materials. All of this will help us achieve standards set sky high where only our masterpieces can reach.

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