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About Us

The Maxblis believes in developing and constructing aesthetically designed, functionally efficient residential and commercial complexes of international quality, offering more value for money.

We believe our buildings should reflect engineering excellence with a view to providing complete customer satisfaction. It is our intention that the quality of our products and services should result in complete value for our clients, as well as foster continuous demand for our products. While rendering our construction services, we shall strive to make Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) matters as an integral part of our business


Founded by Mr Ajay Sharma, Maxblis strives to build the best and outperform its own visions. Mr Sharma is one of the pioneers in Real Estate Development Projects in India . Under his leadership and prudence, Maxblis has continually pioneered newer technologies, bold design and precision engineering to create landmark residential and commercial complexes. With his far sightedness to spot the shifting societal trends, Maxblis is today a leading real estate group in its flagship business of construction.

A veteran in the field of infrastructure development, Mr.Ajay Sharma has an enviable experience of over 20 years in Construction Works. Turning a creative design to master piece is the forte of Mr Sharma who has successfully developed various Real Estate Projects .Under his guidance the company has maintained a track record of timely delivery and superior quality for all the projects.

With foresighted convictions and never ending aspirations of Mr Sharma, the Maxblis has touched new heights in developing a host of projects ranging from Group Housing, Towhships, and Commercial Complexes. A firm believer of fair business ethics, Mr Sharma believes in reorienting ways to develop landmarks that not only match the client's requirements but also stand out from the rest as suave masterpieces.

A nationally acclaimed professional, Mr Sharma has been well admired and recognized for the profusion of projects that he has undertaken.

Company Profile

Maxblis stands on a solid foundation of enterprising vision and astute professionalism. In a society, where good housing remains a basic necessity, we are committed to making home-making a simple, trouble-free and speedy affair. In doing so, we stretch ourselves far. We challenge our own might to satisfy and delight our customers by making optimum use of resources & providing maximum value.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Maxblis to accomplish Real Estate developments of various types through the employment of experienced Contractors and Specialist Subcontractors to achieve quality excellence consistent with all Client’s requirements, applicable codes and standards.

The Contractors and or Specialist Subcontractors will be employed on the clear understanding that they must follow the requirements of our Quality Management System.

  • Ensure compliance to all applicable laws and legal requirements related to Environmental aspects; and implement
  • Environment Management Program to prevent pollution and waste of resources.
  • Ensure compliance to all applicable building bye-laws and deliver safe buildings.
  • Ensure compliance to all applicable legal and statutory requirements related to project development and construction.
  • Ensure compliance to all safety laws and requirements; and provide for safety of workers, personnel, material and machinery.
  • Ensure high level of competency and team work in the organization by providing effective leadership, communication and training.

The management is committed to the continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

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