Dasnac Builders & Developers


Dasnac nurtures enterprise, driven by a passion to create change for positive human impact.

We presently have interests in businesses focused on innovative and meaningful value creation across the real estate value chain. With experience spanning three decades and over 15 million sq. ft. of property, we have acquired expertise across development, engineering, architecture, and building construction.

In addition, we make strategic investments in real estate and impactful ventures across sectors and geographies.

Dasnac stands for quality and commitment in markets it serves. From its founding, the group has been dedicated to creating and following the highest possible standards - in its businesses and its people. We call our reputation for striving to be the best in whatever we do, as the Dasnac standard.


Dasnac creates positive human impact through responsible enterprise.

Dasnac maximizes the net value it creates across its businesses.

All Dasnac businesses subscribe to the highest standards appropriate for every mission.

Every Dasnac employee is the greatest example of the Dasnac Standard and the group’s most valuable asset.

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