GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd


Started in 1995, GSS Project Consultants Private Limited was established as a professional real estate company in Bangalore in 1997. Our goal was to create a win-win situation for all our customers through statutorily clear transactions and inculcating coherent business principles along with professionalism.

Having served a majority of clients from construction and real estate sector, we gained a fair amount of experience that enabled us to foray into the real estate sector as an ethical advisory company. In addition to that, we come equipped to provide end-to-end solutions to common people in the realty sector.

During 2004-2005, our research team found that there was a growing demand for properties in Mysore. This meant that there was a lot of hidden potential for real estate in the aforementioned city. As a result, we branched out to Mysore to extend our business in this city after realizing the scope for professional advisory services.

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