UK Realty


Since its inception in 2010, UK Realty has taken giant strides in the real estate scenario of Mumbai. With 606 units already delivered and another 1276 in pipeline, we have earned the faith of over 880 happy customers. Humble beginnings have paved way for us to be one of the emerging forces in the real estate sector. It has only been possible because of our conviction. Our conviction that we are Stronger Together.

If you search ‘perception of realtors’ in Google, you’d get a zillion articles about ‘how do you fix the negative perception of real estate owners.’ UK Realty aims to do just that – disrupt the existing system with its core values. Growth for us has never been about rising vertically. It is expanding our tentacles to encompass our customers, brokers and employees in our success story. We invest in our ecosystem. Real growth is collective growth and collective growth, the only real measure of success. The other tenet of success comes from innovation. Innovation that doesn’t impact the community by and large is wasted effort. Innovation is what has kept us ahead of our times, allowed us to achieve our targets and provide real value to our customers. We come together with a common pursuit of challenging the status quo through innovation. However, Ideas and innovations only gets one so far if they are not executed flawlessly. They are meaningless without planning, execution, and feedback. Giving form and shape to a community-fostering idea is another one of our strongest values and strengths. These core values set us apart – these are our clutter breakers. We are an extremely vibrant bunch who are absolutely obsessed with our customers, who believe that transparency is the key to collective growth and who challenge the unchallenged at every level. Why, you ask? Because distilled to the very core, we truly are Stronger Together.

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