Tetris Realty Group


Tetri means Four. Four is where we united together with building better forums for Businesses, Associates and our Clients.

Tetri is a power word that holds the team together.

The Team initialized on a level just one step below the so called “Builders & Developers” lobby & industry with four promoters driving their expertise and capabilities to focus.

The Seniormost promoter from this team ran bussiness in “Contracting & Infrastructure” for the last fifteen years expertising in execution of construction with an expert team.

The second promoter “Retailed & Liasoned” for three years while the third Promoter Ran & invested for Family Offices and a chain of Local investors.

The fourth promoter an Enterpreneur in Nature ran various bussiness in Hospitality, Real Estate and Retail for the last seven years . Proper people management and his professional skill patterns have been the foremost reason for the sucess of many a starter company.

The team ‘Honours’ the “Customer” as a “King” and servicing and satisfying the clients is their “Mission”.

Our “Vision” is to repeatedley build and grow in various Geographies and Cultures.

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