Sarah Group Of Companies


We at SARAH GROUP believe that changes are a necessity of life. The human race cannot lead a static life. With the advancement of science and technology it is a must for every human to have a change in life. Changes are a part of life. Life itself has shown a great change as in progress from Stone Age to Modern Age. Keeping in mind the changes required in life we build Homes not Spaces. Home for people, to live with ease of mind so people can relax on the home front and think of progress in life. A home gives a sense of security and happiness.

The first company of group was establishedin 1988 i.e. RATANSI ARCHITECTS and thereafter gaining vast knowledge of redevelopment schemes and other projects,himself in order to fulfill his dreams and share the responsibilities of providing free homes to economic middle class who is generaly neglected in society founded SARAH ENTERPRISES in 2000 to personally execute the company known as S. M. CONSTRUCTION to assist the group. In 2005 we have added two more companies viz. Sarah Housing Development Pvt. Ltd. & K. M. Developers Pvt. Ltd. to the list of group of companies. The group is assisted in marketing its project by Sarah Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. and last but not the least recently Sarah Infrastructure is also added to the list of group for infrastructure work of the projects and thereafter gaining knowledge may focus its attention on the public infrastructure work also.

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