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Established in 2012 with a vision of quality and timely delivery, K M Realty is one of the quality based real estate developers in Thane/Boisar. This reputed company deals in residential, commercial and retail properties located in the areas of Thane/Boisar in India.

We make our Valued customers happy by giving them the quality, comfort and facilities through our project. Our objective is not just to live up to your expectations, ambitions and passions, it is to cherish them.

India real estate companies have increased in number in recent times due to the boom in the real estate sector itself which again was a function of the information technology boom in India in the last few years, accompanied by the growth of the Indian economy at 8%.

In Mumbai, Thane, Boisar areas many persons have need of quality home. But beacause of some highly costly prices and unable to afford some good spacious home, they are unable to buy it and not fullfilling their need of own home. We are trying our best to provide best quality and reasonable cost home to our customers with top class amenities and facilities. We believe in good and quality service which is really important for any kind of business Whether its Realty or anything else. We understand same So we providing best quality with good and on time service.

We focus on delivering to our customers, projects which fundamentally enhance their lifestyle. Today, we are reaching higher and further than ever. Our road ahead points to new milestones and exciting landmarks in the heart of the Thane/Boisar city. We are even introducing lift for four stroried abuilding and even many more amenities with all goo quality structures and facilities.

KM Realty has a team who are more educated, professionally managed, better networked, tech savvy and better capacitated to play in volumes. Our Team follow a customer centric approach and more than often are able to find the right property for their customers in a timely manner and are transparent in their deals.

K M Realty With a notable and consistent track record of growth, customer satisfaction and innovation we are trying to complete challenging projects with efficiency, speed and confidence. The strength of the company comes from the support of a highly-experienced team of experts and professionals from diverse fields of work.

Buying or Selling a Property is a major event for most people! Our expertand efficient team help our clients achieve their goals and have a positive outcome. Constant communication and personal contact, market updates, and staying updated sales process provides the best possible experience for our clients whether they are Buyers or Sellers.

We make sure that the process is smooth and seamless when our customer wants to buy an dream home for them. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with clients and help them make wise financial decisions with their real estate purchases. Our goal is always to exceed their expectations.

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