Jasani Realty Pvt. Ltd.


Jasani Realty is a Mumbai based real estate development company that has established a strong presence in the construction industry. The company is focused on delivering premier residential and commercial projects, which are characterized by a futuristic vision and qualitative excellence. With operations spanning across Mumbai and Rajkot, Jasani Realty has travelled a path of steady growth over the last decade. Moreover, with aggressive plans for upcoming projects and an unparalleled passion and energy, the company is slated for further rapid expansion.

Jasani Realty is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals who are committed to abiding by internationally recognized standards of construction. This in-house expertise coupled with strategic alliances with the best architects, top-notch contractors and reliable construction material suppliers ensures the delivery of superior products to a mixed client base. Over the years, the company has offered a spectrum of products, be it high-end luxury housing in prosperous neighbourhoods to more cost effective properties.

Our aesthetically pleasing buildings with contemporary amenities and stunning views are tailored to suit the needs of our customers. Jasani Realty prides itself on its ability to adapt to the diversity of different market segments and clients through sound leadership, consummate industry knowledge, absolute commitment to service and a philosophy of continuous improvement.

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