Gagangiri group


Premier builders and developers, led and managed by motivated professionals. A rich heritage of 35 years of experience and an enduring passion for excellence, defines it's work. No wonder, it has left a distinct imprint of class, on it's medium to large scale projects, in and around Mumbai.

It has also pioneered the innovative and beneficial concept of redevelopment of old buildings.

Gagangiri group is keenly attuned to the aspirations of it's clients and meticulously chooses only the best professionals in the industry. It's projects are an outcome of the synergy of the foremost Architects , Interior & Landscape Designers and Consultants. True to the exacting standards it has set for itself, Gagangiri group widely uses quality materials and the latest technology, to create buildings of rare elegance.

Gagangiri's work ethos focuses on quality, aesthetics, timelines and fair business practices. An inspiration it has derived from it's Kutchi Jain Directors. These leading and guiding lights of the community are also evolved citizens. They understand Corporate Social Responsibility and view their profession as a social commitment. Thus for Gagangiri group, every project becomes a mission, to contribute it's mite towards society.

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