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As the saying goes, anyone can build a house, but it takes a heart infused with emotions, to create a home. Rajat Group’s inception was no exception! Envisaged to turn dreams into reality, the first project was headed by Mr. Raj G. Pasari in the year 1994. In these 25 years, the company has built countless happy homes. Keeping in mind the kind of solace one desires and the luxury one seeks, Rajat Homes has been persistent in building and delivering dreams.

With a focus on providing a quality living, the homes have been built with an amalgam of the latest technology and state-of-the-art amenities. To gift its dwellers with an exotic yet affordable living, we have come up with homes that speak for itself. Better, smarter and efficient homes, have been our key terms, on which we have been standing so strong. Our signature being to create lush green spaces, we have never failed to encase one in the solace of nature. After all, healthy living is a synonym of happy living.

Because we understand that dreams are priceless, we put special care in building homes and spend extra to turn every house into a place where people yearn to come back to.

Since every great creation is backed by a dream, it needs to be developed in a way that has an enduring and impacting impression on others, when it is finally delivered with pride. So the words that emanated to represent our thought process was Dream Develop Deliver. Our core philosophy thus celebrates our love for creation which brings a smile not only on our faces but also makes others blissfully happy in every possible way!

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