Swan Property Developers India Pvt Ltd


Swan was founded in 2006 with an aspiration of becoming the most trusted builder in Kerala. Well our record shows that we are truly on our way. We have almost a decade of track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction and on time delivery.

We believe that most people value their investment in house as precious than anything else. For us, being part of an industry that has such a significant impact on the lives of people is truly a privilege. Built on the foundation of integrity, trust, and transparency, our work will always be reflective of our values.

Swan Properties brings you a new world of quality homeswith ‘Trust’ as our most significant value. We stand for futuristic engineering and state-of-the-art living spaces that matches well with your aspirations. No wonder, our unique style has helped usin carving a niche of our own.

Based in Kochi, we are one of the leading Home builders in Kerala and have undertaken a handful of projects to meet the growing demand. The ambience of our properties, the quality of the materials being used and a long list of satisfied customers will speak for the level of ‘trust’ that we enjoy among our clientele.

With over eight years of experience in developing quality living spaces across Kerala, we are here for to stay for a cause. The cause of building quality homes within a stipulated timeframe. Yes, with adequate emphasis on delivering on time our qualified workforce makes your dream in the most elegant manner.

The brand ‘Swan’ was launched three years back, by Tony Cherian Founder and managing Director of the organization, under which we have completed four projects and in total we have executed fifteen projects over the last eight years. Swan Property Developers India Pvt Ltd. , belong to Cherukoth family, which is a reputed business family for more than 50 years and has interests varying from cashew exports, theatres, automobile showrooms etc. to building accessories.

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