Stavara Realtors India Pvt Ltd


STAVARA is a malayalam word, meaning is "Immovable", "Solid", "Tangible" etc. If you have ever read a Land sale deed written in Malayalam, this word would be familiar to you. As STAVARA Realtors are creating immovable assets for its customers, we thought this name would be appropriate for the company.

STAVARA Realtors work in double role - creating beautiful immovable assets for our customers in the role of Builder and constructing beautiful immovable assets for our clients in the role of Contractor. As contractors we have created several multistoried buildings and independant houses. As builders we have introduce our signature residential apartments in the streets of Kochi city.

WE believe in Quality and Time. To create immovable assets we use quality materials and experienced workmanship and make all efforts to stick on to schedules to complete the projects on time. This of course ensures customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are the back bone of any business.

Price is the main factor to own an Immovable Asset. It should be value for money for you and for us. As you know, the Price factor is determined by the Location, Locality, Quality of Materials, Brands of Accessories in use and also the expertise of the work force. While creating immovable assets for you, we consider all this. As we are directly executing most of the job in a project without sub contracting, we can ensure quality and time. Besides, the profit derived from direct execution is reinvested in quality for the happiness of our customers.

The fittings and fixtures we use are of good quality available in the market, all these carries several years warranty. We transfer this warranty to our customers.

STAVARA is not a new comer in the industry. The Management of STAVARA has got several decades experience in the Construction Industry and more than a decade's experience as Builder.

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