Asten Realtors Pvt Ltd


We believe in giving the best value for your hard earned money. Nowhere else will you find better deals for your dream home.

We do everything in our power to stay upto date with the next generation concepts in construction & design. We constantly upscale the standards we set for ourselves. Satisfaction is a word we reserve for you, not us.

Ideas are nothing without operational muscle. Our constant endeavour is to deliver innovative ideas and unique products, enhanced by personalized care. As a responsible corporate we insist on compliance with all civil and fiscal statutes.And we ensure smooth operations by retaining professional project management companies who strictly regulate our time-lines and conduct quality audits.

Asten's inception was a product of years of deliberation and planning. The company's two thought leaders, Siraj Mather and Raffi Mather, were already highly successful entrepreneurs who had made their mark by steering one of Kerala's most respected realty brands, Mather into an enviable position of leadership. Always seeking new challenges, the duo launched Asten to offer distinctive and fresh concepts in the residential and commercial sectors.

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