Surya Constructions is managed by well qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Civil Engineering and Architecture, we assure our buildings are aesthetically pleasing, economical and of guaranteed quality that will stand to the test of time. The managerial team of the organization ensures use of standard material, guidance from the construction experts. The customer feedback is testimony to our commitment. Their main concern to provide a good and healthy environment reflects right from the careful selection of the site to the final delivery of your apartment. The result is that the place not only enhances the beauty of the area but also adds value to the locality.

The Company owes its success to its passion for quality and adherence to delivery schedules. As a principle, price is never substituted for quality, customer opinions are incorporated and work is always performed as a team. We believe that the only way to ensure customer satisfaction is to deliver as promised. We have always believed in the benefits of long term yield approach. Behind the creation of every landmark building is a vision that challenges the conventional notions of architecture, design, materials and thinking. Often, these structures shape more than just the environments and lifestyles of the people living in them; they shape the future blueprints of entire cities.

Known for being the highest value provider of construction services.
Offering a more diversified set of innovative services.
Serving a broader geographic market.
Responsive to the needs of our clients, our employees and our communities.

We are an enterprise who accord priority to every project, big or small, with a key focus on the road construction sector and infrastructure projects strengthened by our strong back-end integration and fleet of equipment.

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