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Due diligence before the project Significantly premium infrastructure Corporate structure and organization

And they put it all in a piece of land. This land represents their sweat, hard work, dedication, and their life’s dream.

Holding this aspiration in our hands is emotional even for us, and we take this responsibility very seriously. At Siri Sampada, we don’t just build projects. We build trust, homes, and dreams that one diligently works towards for decades together.

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We take the responsibility of building homes & dreams very seriously, which is why we spend an enormous amount of time on due diligence before the project starts. Every Siri Sampada venture is strategically located in prime areas close to residential and commercial activity for this very reason. Once you become a Siri Sampada plot/homeowner, you don’t have to wait to start on your dream. You’ve waited for decades. That’s enough!

We have partnered with global consultants such as Aarvee Associates to pay attention to every nook and cranny when it comes to infrastructure. The amount and time invested in infrastructure at Siri Sampada are significantly higher than the industry average. Cement roads, underground sewage and electricity, etc. are some of the highlights that enable us to stand a league ahead of the rest.

Our founders, Pradeep Maganti and Raj Maganti come with years of corporate experience from diverse backgrounds. Together, they have built a real estate organization that works on structure right from the first brick. A project of any scale requires clarity & structure, which is a hallmark of every Siri Sampada project.

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