Anantha Infra


Anantha Infra is a homes developer with a truly ethical stance. We are committed to putting Communities first, with priorities to develop truly sustainable living spaces that are contemporary and affordable.

We believe that good urban design is fundamental to creating thriving viable communities that rejuvenate our body and soul. This is why we invest considerable effort into the planning, specification, design, and landscaping. Efforts, which ensure that our developments look good not only inside and out, but also turn out to be places which we all would love coming home to. Our properties are delivered with tomorrow’s lifestyles in mind. We continue to utilize modern construction methodologies along with the best building standards, construction with latest materials that will provide a solid structure which needs minimum maintenance.

We create homes that people love in places where they want to build their future. We are committed to building homes that reflect 21st century expectations and lifestyles while ensuring compliance with the principles of vasthu. Innovation and flexibility alongside experience and integrity are the corner stones of our ethos.

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