Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd


The Orchid is the most aristocratic of flowering plants, a spectacular specimen of floral evolution. 800 known genera, 25,000 species and 100,000 hybrids make up the orchid family, each one as captivating and charismatic as dancing butterflies.

Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd.(OIDPL) is also India's blossoming real estate developer, a company that meticulously cultivates flowers of concrete and glass for commercial and residential use. Each structure follows the pattern of Orchid's distinct signature, a sharp reflection of the flower. Unusual architectural accents and shapes, warm and enchanting interiors and exteriors embellished with state-of-the-art flourishes, distinguish each Orchid creation.

Commitment to deliver the best in promised timelines is the Orchid mantra for growth. It shows in Orchid flowering track record. The turnover in 2005-2006 touched Rs. 1500 crores. Orchid has several new projects on the anvil. Its offerings in 2006-2007 will reach the proportions of a large bouquet.

Orchid offers world-class commercial and residential properties, landmarks in architectural design, accessibility, efficiency and environmental standards. Orchid global norms are unmatched in India & have dramatic effect on India's landscape skyline and quality of life.

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