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Since our inception in 1982, under Mr. Mehta’s stewardship, a well-known personality in the real estate and development sector, we have grown into a name to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. We have grown from undertaking over 300 residential projects to having our name rest high in the real estate business. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, our group has truly redefined the city skylines by developing distinctive real estate properties at prime locations throughout the NCR region.

This confidence rests on our unwavering commitment to quality, transparency and integrity. It also reflects in our ideology that, in the long term our performance is imperative for preserving our relationships with our investors. It is a united vision of many individuals who are associated with OCUS, be it our employees, vendors, investors or the end users. Our organization prides in its excellent team, who with their unwavering commitment strive to deliver quality services to its stakeholders

The group today has investments across four business verticals viz. OCUS real estate where we undertake projects pertaining to realty developments, OCUS business centers that has undertaken the creation of a business center in Gurugram, OCUS facility which focuses on minimizing operating budgets and fostering facility management, and OCUS hospitality which has upcoming expansive properties in New Delhi and NCR.



At OCUS, growth is the primary parameter that keeps our business moving forward. With our business innovations, we intend to develop a huge scale of opportunities that help everyone associated with our group to transform their dreams to reality. In the past, we have lived up to our goal by creating many such opportunities with and for the people we’ve worked for.

OCUS is dedicated and focused on facilitating the experiences of its valued clients, stakeholders and investors through constant innovation and improvisation. We are part of the greater goal of initiating a world of smart cities. At our organization, we intend to achieve this goal and give a shape to our vision, not merely as a community, but as a country.


Indeed OCUS is powered by its values. The success of the company is defined by its even-handed way of focusing on the satisfaction of both clients and employees by maintaining an infrastructure convenient and professional for both. The values of the company consist of and are supported by the four pillars of commitment, professionalism, agility and passion. Pillars that strengthen, promote and encourage the company to keep moving towards perpetual growth.


At OCUS, we are committed to enhance the overall value of the property by incorporating quality raw materials, excellent craftsmanship and precise planning. We design and develop properties in both premier locations, as well as the lesser known areas and for every project; committing to create landmarks that enhance the visibility of the entire neighborhood. Our team has the relevant experience in partnering and working with globally acclaimed architects. Therefore coming up with designs that are both, aesthetically pleasing and efficient in their truest possible sense.

At OCUS, we are committed to protect our customer’s asset, exceed their expectations with our immense precision, stringent planning and proper attention to detail.


We are an ambitious team of compassionate individuals full of innovation and professionalism. We are driven by the philosophy to make an impact, and with our successful ventures we have indeed made a visible impact in the lives of our customers and stakeholders.


At OCUS, we are at par with every modern technology and by using them in our existing projects, we have managed to exceed our existing benchmarks. We have maintained a high standard of quality across every project we have undertaken and through our sustained efforts and ethical services, successfully enhanced the value and quality for our customers.


Our organization is truly driven by passion; the passion to create dependable development projects, the passion to ensure quick deliveries, the passion to live up to the expectations of our customers. With an optimist positive attitude and respect towards work we accept the challenges in order to achieve greater heights every time.

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