Hector Realty Ventures Pvt Ltd


Hector Realty is the structure whose foundations were laid by Sandeep Ralhan who built it brick by brick into one of the leading realty and construction companies in North India. When one thinks of classy, stylish housing that satisfies highest levels of aspirations of people for whom money is no object, there is a vacuum. Hector aims to fill this gap with the most treasured, high end, luxurious residential projects. The Project Marvella Star Villas in Haridwar is a stellar beginning in association with the charismatic actor Aditya Pancholi. There are more on the drawing board.

The sky is not the limit. Focused on excellence and the highest levels of quality in residences that will satisfy even the most demanding billionaires, we plan to cater to a select, exclusive clientele for whom the best is only good enough. We believe we cannot have excellence as an ideal unless we practice it. Working on middle of the road housing projects with their inherent compromises does tend to push this quality of perfection to the background. We shall not compromise but we will go beyond the best in residential projects.

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