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MSS Group is a formidable real estate venture that came into being from the peerless efforts of its top professionals of engineering construction, builders, real estate developers and real estate background who with their profound long lasting expertise and business acumen in the field of construction had fabricated a reservoir of varied knack. The confederations under the MSS group are functioning independently with a high commitment for erecting the Nation since long back in their respective eminent domain. The Head quarter of MSS Group is located at the Ghaziabad city. The group is operational in the field of Highway construction, Over head or underground electric transmission lines, electric substations, Government building work, Sewerage design and construction, High- rise commercial and residential buildings.

With their diverse expertise in the domain of construction and real estate development, this has evolved as the main strength of MSS Group. The Company imprints in principled evolution, constituting excellent and smart terrestrial utilization while formulating a landmark niche in terms of luxury and skill. The company keeps updating its criterion and parameters with time to conform to people’s appetence and shapes them into matter-of-fact with unmatched artifice. As the truth figures trust, the prime errand of the Group is to sustain trust and relationship with their customers by finishing the projects timely as per the schedule.

MSS Group is headquartered at Ghaziabad and has a multi- contour professional guild ranging from Residential to Commercial fragments at strategic locations.MSS Group signifies to be the most proclaimed, glorified and creditworthy integrated infrastructure organisation, by formulating a master-piece footprint based on their high criterion of professionalism, morality, quality and customer service. The group is dedicated toleaving its earmark of excellence on every project that it undertakes.

MSS Group is symmetric with calibre, dedication, tenability and elitism in Designs and Values that keep the attribute of your tangible and intangible pursuits high. We cognize that with every brick we lay, we would be fabricating an incumbency with our esteemed and potential customers. MSS Group’s mantra for conciliating reliance in their esteemed customers is Quality and Aesthetics, overall rumination, Planning and Timely hilt.

Our pursuit as a real estate company is to render a customer service that is not just the ultimate but stellar.


Our Gratification comes from our “Priceless Customer’s Comfort”.


We believe in delivering the best quality construction practices with utmost importance given to the safety of personnel.

Customer Satisfaction

We ensure transparent interactions with our customers to provide and maintain positive trust and relationship.

Timely Delivery

We believe that quality has no stand until it is presented on time. Our operations are strictly adhered to predefined timelines.

Team Work

Maximum involvement of each employee is sought and employee growth is assured by effective exchange of knowledge and expertise across all domains.


Our Gratification comes from our “Priceless Customer’s Comfort”.

Be it an accommodation to live in or an accommodation to do business in. We formulate spots for people. We imprint there is no set formula, in fact, there is always a meliorate way to do things. We are potential with a kinship for logical design, earthbound decision making and a crave for perpetually upping of our game.


The Company’s purport is to formulate edifices of grandeur through the artwork of architecture and science of construction, subjoining a modern and convenient quality of life with latest innovations. Inflated technology and upgraded belongings are incorporated to create the best out of our expertise. The company is tenacious to build a better world by rendering the first-class high quality lifestyle. It intends to be a professional entity by setting criterion for quality, safety, cost effectuality, client gratification and keeping in mind meliorated innovative construction technology.

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