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With our professional expertise & out of box thinking that transcends an ecosystem combining nature & technology we strive to create unsurpassed living experience. An experience that is defined by our very own unique, Nature inspired uber luxury spaces, be it our apartments, villas or commercial buildings. we bring in the three principle elements of nature The Sky (Va’an), The Air (Ka’atru) & The earth (Man) by using landscape spaces not just on the ground but also as open sky decks & larger terrace gardens that blur the line between indoors & outdoors giving you the true “VaKaMan” experience.

VAKAMAN enjoys the repute & expertise of Surabi Bullion & DNA Studio – a lethal combination of Market Visibility and Classy Elegant Design Concepts to create a very Surreal Experience for every VaKaMan property buyer.

To create a Benchmark in the category of Luxurious Residential & Commercial Spaces in terms of Uniqueness, Style, Quality & Value for Money.

To Ensure every VAKAMAN project is a Landmark and an Identity in Itself while Underlining Eco Friendliness and Social Responsibility.

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