Raja Ganapathy Promoters


Today everybody is looking at emerging economy like India as a good place to park their funds and more particularly the Middle East NRI’s and other investors. Robust growth, demand for huge investment in hot areas like Real Estate, Information Technology and Logistics besides the strong legal framework protecting the investors are some of the reasons why Islamic investors are flocking into India. In our present day environment of Interest Bearing Economy it is almost impossible to do business, avoiding interest totally. It is indeed a challenge to the people who are wedded to the cause of Islam when they try to invest life savings on a profit and loss sharing basis. They are concerned with questions like whom to trust, where to invest, how secure their investments will be and what are the chances of earning reasonable profit. Recognizing these realities, Raja Ganapathy Promoters has been incorporated as a public limited company meant for those who want to invest their funds on Islamic principles. The collection and accumulation of capital is on the basis of equity shares governed by the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Raja Ganapathy Promoters makes a peace of earth a more beautiful place for you to live. Extremely well priced product committed to provide you with an environment and quality services at affordable prices.

We Raja "Ganapathi Promoters" are builders and promoters mainly evolving our projects in out-skirts of Coimbatore Corporation, we are in this field for the past 10 years and completed many small projects affordable for the middle class people who are the base of the Coimbatore Small Scale Industries. At present we have two projects in our bags, one of them is a New One and another a two year old. The construction of houses we started before two years and we implemented in one of our projects. Now we are also marketing the sites of other promoters in a successful manner as we have the client- oriented and area oriented experience.

Thousands of millionaires love assured escalations on the investment your life for mesmerizing perspective. The homes as been designed with un matched quality construction service and to provide the best in residential properties surrounded by abundance of natural beauty it's rare to find in the heart of the city to make your homes for landmark's.

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