Urbando Housing LLP



We are Urbando –An enterprising new-age property development company that was founded in 2015. We are based out of Chennai and are planning to spread our wings to other promising real-estate markets as well, with Bangalore being our first destination. We are driven by values and our focus is mainly on setting a new standard in real-estate project management, delivery and meeting customer expectation; while not compromising on quality and the efficiency of any. We have an international office too, which is in Dubai.

We stand for developing a new face of urban life, where the quality of the life is enjoyed and appreciated each and every day. Whether it is an office, a home, a retail space, a hospitality area, we make sure that we have something exclusive and pleasing to offer to each place we build, which could win the hearts of people who reside in it. When everybody promises smart homes or commercial space with great benefits, at Urbando we make sure that we walk the talk.



There is a core mantra that we all grow upon – Do your Best – and that gets embedded in our minds so deep that we equate doing best with attaining success.We all strive and insist upon doing and receiving only things that are not compromised on any level: Values, Quality, Growth, etc.

We are Urbando – and we are Passionate to Build the Best!

Our Vision

To become the most trusted and admired real-estate developer who would be equated with quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction, while upholding and never compromising on values that we strongly believe in.

Our Mission

To bring in the professionalism and accountability in the field of real estate and set a new standard in project management, delivery and meeting customer expectation, while not compromising on the values, quality and the efficiency of the projects.

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