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Styleone Properties Pvt Ltd


What started as a passion to elevate stylish buildings, turned into a profession to bring high-quality western lifestyle buildings in India. Ventured into the real estate business in the year 2009, the Styleone Group lifted its first architectural project as a garment store, StyleOne in Chennai, which stands as a living testimony for our love for grandeur and western patterns. Realizing the commercial success of the building and its captivating construction style, the Styleone Properties Pvt.Limited was formally established in the year 2011.

Mr.Santhosh Sharma is the Managing Director of Styleone Properties , while Mr.Prakash Sharma and Mr.Vinod Sharma shoulder the company as the Board of Directors. With a proven past success, we believe that the QUALITY of our buildings will make a staunch difference from the rest of our competitors.

Styleone Properties stands to construct modern residential and commercial buildings across India, with western contemporary style as its core theme. Our company incorporates the best constructional designs from around the world and highly focuses on spaciousness, comfort and opulence.

We take pride on our stringent construction quality measures in all ways. From getting the best architects in the country, to importing the best raw materials from around the world, Styleone Properties provides only the best in all our projects.

Instead of lifting arrays of buildings, we believe in taking time to elevate one high-quality building at a time. Like they say, the best things in life come in proper intervals. Styleone Properties' buildings are sure worth the time and the money.

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