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We’ll witness the day when Technology and Construction go hand in hand.

“Integrity, creativity, reliability and attention to detail have been, and will continue to be, the keys to the company’s successes.”

We have cultivated an approach to studying the business landscape that reveals market opportunities before they become obvious. As Chennai's economy has grown over the last three decades, so too has its challenges—particularly related to transportation, housing, affordability and climate change. To plan for growth of 20 million more people in the next third of a century, Staar is thinking bigger and working on longer term strategies to create greater connectivity across our entire mega region.

The city of Chennai is an extremely diverse real estate marketplace with countless micro-business climates teeming with possibility. But you have to be here—and know here—to make the most of the opportunities all around us. We have developed a keen local intuition which gives us a unique advantage in recognizing both the opportunities and risks in this complex market.

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